icecreamsPolymer clay is very easy to work with. Many charms can be created for jewelry with polymer clay. Follow this tutorial to learn how to make miniature ice creams that will be used to make earrings. For this tutorial you will need : polymer clay, sterling silver craft wire, wire wrap tools, and a toaster oven dedicated to craft use.


pc1Step 1:
To start your polymer clay miniatures you will need two small balls of clay to form into cones. Roll your polymer clay into balls and then use slight pressure on one side similar to what you would use to for a clay snake. Tap the cone on your work surface to create a flat top and bottom.

pc2Step 2:
Poke a hole in the top of each clay cone that will be used to anchor your craft wire.I use an ice pick to perform this step. Curl your craft wire on the end so that you will have a secure anchor to place into the hole.

Insert your wire into the holes that you have pushed into the polymer clay. Make sure that you don't go through the bottom of your cone. If your holes seem a little too large roll a tiny amount of clay and slip it over your wire and into the hole. This will form a plug.

Now that you have your wires anchored it is time to start building the cone. You can make your cone chocolate covered or leave it plain. To make a chocolate topped cone roll out a small amount of brown clay flatten it and slip it over your anchor wires. Press firmly around the edges to simulate a chocolate dipped cone.

Roll out your ice cream clay balls and slip them onto the craft wire. Use a twisting motion to slide the clay down the wire or you will distort your balled clay. Press firmly to attach the ice cream clay ball to the cone. Slip on as many ice cream colored clay balls as you wish to form your ice cream.

You can top your ice cream with a cherry or apply sprinkles as you like. Sprinkles are easy to apply. Roll a snake of colored clay to the thickness of a tooth pick and then cut small peices of it with a craft knife. Use the craft knife to pick up the clay and place it on the miniature clay form.

After you have your simulated ice creams the way you want them it is time to bake. You can use your home oven or a toaster oven to bake polymer clay. I recommend that you use a toaster oven that you dedicate to use with polymer clay. You should bake your clay according to your package directions. I use Sculpey brand so I bake the clay for 20 minutes at 250 degrees. Once your piece has cooled you can glaze it with a glaze made for polymer clay and it is ready to wear.

I use Sculpey brand polymer clay because it is readily available from WalMart. I don't live near a big craft store however I have heard that Fimo is a wonderful scuplting polymer clay and both brands can be found at Hobby Lobby or other big craft supply stores.

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