Today's men have the choice of latex, lambskin and now polyurethane condoms to prevent pregnancy and stop the risk of infection due to sexually transmitted diseases. The polyurethane or plastic condom is one of the latest technological advances in this centuries old barrier device. Condom usage began to rise during the HIV and AIDS scare of the 1980s and 1990s and today the condom is still one of the best choices for birth control due to the lack of side effects, efficiency in preventing pregnancy, cost, availability and ease of use.

Benefits of polyurethane condoms

There are many reasons that a man would choose a plastic condom. For many men the reason is simple. A latex allergy has prevented many men from choosing condoms in the past. Sure, there are natural skin condoms available, but many people do not like the concept of using a birth control device made from animal intestine. For others, natural skin condoms many not offer a perceived satisfactory level of protection from disease as latex condoms due to their natural porosity. The plastic condom has solved both problems. There is no allergic reaction and the membrane is as effective as latex in preventing the spread of disease when properly used. The ability to finally use a condom is one of the primary benefits of this new breed of condom.

There are other reasons to try a plastic condom. These non-latex condoms are thinner and allow for a better exchange of temperature. Many users claim they can barely tell they are wearing one. Some users of latex complain of the snug fit. The use of polyurethane in condoms provides a looser fit that some men find more comfortable. Unlike latex condoms, the poly condom can be used with oil based lubricants without causing damage to the material. It is also not as susceptible to damage done by the sun. The medical grade material used in these condoms is clear and odor free.

Disadvantages of polyurethane condoms

Many people love using condoms and welcome the plastic condom as a chance to finally introduce this method of contraception into the relationship, but there are some risks associated with the plastic condom, too. Because of the looser fit the effectiveness in pregnancy prevention may be diminished. The rate of breakage and slippage has been determined to be higher in these non-latex condoms. Users should stay focused and aware to make sure the condom remains in place at all times during and after intercourse.

Trojan Supra Polyurethane Condoms

Availability of polyurethane condoms

These condoms are marketed under many brand names and by many reputable manufacturers. Trojan Supra is one of the most recognized brands of non-latex condoms on the market. They can be purchased at most drugstores or larger retailers with a pharmacy section. For those seeking more discretion, plastic condoms can be purchased online through trusted retailers like Amazon. For any man that has given up on condoms due to latex allergies, the new line of polyurethane condoms should be explored. The thinness, ability to handle oil-based lubricants, transfer of warm skin temperature, and protection against pregnancy and disease make them one of the best types of condoms available today. The price difference is negligible and most of the same features that can be found in latex may be replicated in plastic. There are even novelty condoms available in poly. Give polyurethane condoms a try today.