The health benefits of consuming pomegranate are numerous. In fact, pomegranate juice was ranked the healthiest fruit juice by UCLA scientists. Particularly for men, pomegranates have been found to have a profound effect on their well-being. Let’s explore some of the benefits that pomegranates have to offer. They’re in season in the winter (starting September) and very popular. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals and one of the best fruits you can consume. Not to mention that they are also very delicious! I would recommend the juice because it is available all-year round.

Prevents Prostate Cancer

The juice that comes from this fruit has been shown in studies performed by UCLA to reduce the chances of getting prostate cancer. In one study, researchers found that pomegranate juice and extract tends to prevent the spread of human prostate cancer cells. When measuring the spread of cancer, PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) replication time is what is measured as an indication. In the UCLA study, after drinking pomegranate juice men found that PSA replication time slowed significantly. More than 33% of the men experienced improvement after drinking 8 ounces of this juice daily. So if you have prostate cancer, or are planning on avoiding it (which should be all men!), I would recommend this juice because there is solid evidence that it helps.

pomegranate health benefitsHelps Erectile Dysfunction 

Though this type of disorder may be one of the worst out there, it’s great to know that there is a natural, easy solution. Pomegranate juice definitely helps; another study found that almost half of the participants (who drank 8 oz of it daily) felt improvements. This is great! Basically, this means that all you need to do is drink a cup every day and there’s a 50% chance that you’ll feel better! This is an easy solution with almost no repercussions for those that are suffering.

Increases Longevity

First, these fruits are filled with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, and more! That alone should be good motivation to consume them. Pomegranates are also renowned for their anti-aging properties. Both the seeds and the juice are filled with age-reversing properties. The juice is abundant in antioxidants, which are basically known for their anti-aging effects. In fact it contains even more then red wine, and is ranked as the most antioxidant-rich juice by the researchers of UCLA! The seeds also contain similar properties- helping skin health and elasticity. This is because they contain punicic acid, which is known for its regenerative effects.


Eat more pomegranates! I say this with a caveat however. Even if there is no sugar added and you are eating natural fruit/ fruit juice, you must not eat these in extreme amounts. This is because fruits contain fructose, which is not good for you if it is eaten in excess. Again, there are plenty of vegetables (which do not contain this sugar) that are also filled with antioxidants.