Pony Royale toys is a recently released line of toys for girls that focuses on two passions that many girls have. There love of horses and anything with having to do with princesses. The idea was to combine the two in a new and unique way and have a great new line of toys. So was born Pony Royale.



The idea of this line is that your little girl gets to pretend that she is the princess. She has a stable full of beautiful horses that she gets to take care of and style to her hearts content. This toy helps to show a child that even though you are a princess, you still need to take of your pets.

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Pony Royale Horses

Princess Sky Pony


This horse dazzles with her blue and black mane and tale. There are two sets of hair that are fully interchangeable among all of the horses. Princess Sky was born in September. She wears a sapphire birthstone.


The other Pony Royale toy horses where each born in one month of the year. There coloring and stone that they wear match their birth month just like Princess Sky Pony.


Princess Rosie: January, Garnet


Pony Royale Toy Lily: February, Amethyst


Misty: March, Aquamarine


Pony Royale Princess Diamond: April, Diamond


Sienna: May, Emerald


Lavendar: June, Alexandrite


Princess Starfire: July, Ruby


Brooke: August, Peridot


Harmony: October, Pink Zircon


Sunburst: November, Topaz


Dewdrop: December, Blue Zircon


Other Pony Royale Toys


Once you have started on your collection of the horses, you are going to need a place to style them and store their extra hair and fashions. This is where the Pony Royale Dressing Carousel comes in handy. This set folds up neatly and is easy to transport. You can put the extra manes and saddles that come with the horse or additional ones that you have purchased in here.


The next thing that you are going to want to know about is the extra fashions that are available for this toy line. From gowns to down the beach where, your little girl will have a blast playing princess and getting her horse ready for any adventure that she can dream of.


The Pony Royale toys are a great present for anyone that loves horses and fashion. It combines this and the idea of getting to play princess all into one great toy set. Little girls everywhere will love creating stories for their new friends and making sure that they are dressed for the occasion.


The best place to find these toys is to order them online. These were just released to the market in August 2012 and many stores did not stock their shelves with this hot selling toy. You can find all of the Pony Royale toys in stock at Amazon now. So take the time to start your little girl’s collection of these horses that she is going to fall in love with. You can start with her birth month horse and build from there. So order today!


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