Many people dream of heading out into their backyard for a quick dip in the pool any time they want to, but there are many hidden costs you need to consider before you build an inground pool.  Luxury pools are seen in home magazines and advertisements every spring, enticing readers to think that they, too, could be the owner of one with a waterfall and an adjoining hot tub.  

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Even if you have saved your money for the down payment and can finance this home improvement with your salary, there are hidden costs to inground swimming pool ownership. These need to be factored in before a contractor starts digging a hole in your backyard.  

Expense #1

Higher Utility Bills

Having a backyard oasis means that you will be running more than your air conditioner during the hot summer months.  While there are parts of the country where it is warm year round and just about everyone has a backyard pool, in other climates there will be a sharp and noticeable increase in your electric and water bills.  

Filling a swimming pool takes a lot of water.  And a lot of water means a higher water bill.

Keeping the filter running non-stop from May to September will also raise your electric bill significantly.  Can your budget take these drastic increases?Pool Expenses-ChemicalsCredit:

Expense #2


In order to keep your pool clean and free from algae, you will need to buy chemicals such as chlorine and Shock.  You can invest in a saline pool to offset these costs, as you will need fewer chemicals with this kind of filtration system.  With either one you choose, it will still cost you additional money.

Expense #3

Higher Homeowner’s Insurance

Once you have a pool in your backyard, you will need to review your homeowner’s policy.  This is necessary because you want to be sure that you have proper liability coverage in case of an accident or if someone tries to sue you.  You also want to be able Pool Alarm is a Necessary Pool ExpenseCredit: recoup any losses if there are any damages to your new recreational toy.

Expense #4

Safety Devices

As a pool owner, you are responsible for making sure your backyard is safe for both invited and uninvited guests.  Fences, safety covers, safety alarms and safety nets are just some of the ways to protect yourself and keep your backyard area safe.

Expense #5


When you pool is finished, you will be inviting people over to swim.  Parties, complete with food and beverages, are going to increase your grocery budget.  Even if a friend offers to bring the potato salad, there is still a lot more food that needs to be purchased for hungry guests.
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Even if you are not going to throw big parties, if you have children, they will be inviting friends over to swim.  When you have two or three children, the cost of food gets multiplied exponentially. Chips, juice, soda and other snacks will also increase to your grocery bill.  The older the kids, the more you will be spending.

You will also have to keep a lot of extra toys and pool floats for everyone to play with.

There are many hidden pool expenses that you need to factor in before designing your dream backyard pool.   Make sure to consider these before you take the plunge into pool ownership.

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