Pool Rules And Requirements If You Live In South Africa

 Pools are a great way to have recreation right at your own home. This can save you money when it's so hot out and the kids are begging to go swimming. If you have both kids and a pool there are some things you will need to take into consideration. Safety should be your first concern when deciding on whether you should get a pool or not.

People who overlook the safety aspect of having a pool are just asking for an accident to happen. Things to consider are proper fencing, pool alarms, and latching gates.

When you are planning the details of your pool installation and figuring all of the associated costs into your budget don't forget to add pool fences and other safety devices. This makes sure that safety doesn't get left out of the budget and consequently not get accomplished due to lack of funds.

Keep in mind that the highest cause of accidental deaths in children is because of drowning. You want to put a pool in so that your children can enjoy all the fun and benefits that owning a pool has, but an accident involving your child is the last thing you want.  Fencing can be purchased from the pool installer directly or from other companies.

Lets look at the Safety requirements

1. All swimming pools need to have in place a continuous barrier for safety

2. The outside of the fencing needs to be a barrier to children keeping them from getting through

3. Needs to be a permanent structure, nothing temporary

4. Must not have objects on the pool fence that allow children to hold onto to climb over or under

5. Height needs to be at least 1.2 meters

6. Any gates used need to swing outward not inward towards the pool

7. Gates must contain self latching device

8. Gate latch device needs to be at least 1.5 meters high to keep out of reach of children

Hard pool covers are not allowed to be used instead of barrier fences. If it isn't on the pool there is the risk of children falling into the pool when unsupervised.

There is a great  fencing company  that has dealers in South Africa.  Guardian pool fence is  the
safest and strongest pool fence around.  If you are investing in a pool you will need to follow the requirements. Spending money on substandard pool fences is like throwing your money away.

These cheaper  fences aren't going to outlast Guardian pool fence.  Which means you will have to replace them sooner, costing you more than if you just went with a better quality fence in the first place.  And regardless of the money you would want your children as safe as possible. And Guardian pool fence will provide the peace of mind and last longer.