Pool fountains are designed to add interesting elements with their statuesque appearance as a focal point to any landscape. Some are designed however to just entertain. Adding some lights often improves the appearance of the decorative style fountain.

Installing a water feature in your pool can help you create a perfect environment for family get-togethers and poolside parties. Many pool owners love lighted fountains because they bring a unique decorative touch to outdoor gatherings. More often than not, people like to have ones that include a combination of subtle lighting and soft music that will provide great ambiance to any party.

The pool water fountain can be found in various shapes and sizes and it is up to you to decide which type suits you best. The various types are floating, solar, sparkling, multiple tiers, floral, rainbow shaped, and other eye-appealing shapes.

Swimming pool fountains add great value to your investment in a pool and prices range from $60 to $500 and above depending upon the material and type of pool fountain you select. Some high end options will no doubt require a pro to install but certainly not all of them.

Advantages of having a pool fountain in your back yard:

  • Improves circulation of the pool's water, which can slightly decrease your need for chemicals.
  • Cools the water temperature when it gets too warm - especially if you run it at night when the air temperature is cooler. Or if the air temperature is warmer than your pool water, the pump can actually warm up your pool.
  • The trickling sound of water is soothing and the visual look of tumbling water is enticing. Guests will enjoy these effects. This feeling can only be provided when you have a well-designed model installed.
  • It also reduces susceptibility to infection in the pool by killing off contaminants.
  • The constantly recycling water from the pool fountain plays a vital role in the surroundings where it is placed. In interior environment it increases the moisture content in the air which adds immense pleasure to the surroundings.
  • There is peacefulness about water which is both relaxing and mesmerizing.

Safety precautions that one should carry out before installing a pool fountain:

  • Always consult an electrician about where to position the fountain.
  • The wires related to the fountain such as for lighting and for sound should be properly covered and taped to avoid electric shocks.
  • Always consult the experts while installing.
  • Always buy a fountain from a reputable company that offers warranties for their equipment.

Where can you get a well-designed fountain for the pool?

You can get one by going to your local pool supply store that carries applicable equipment. Many big box home goods stores also carry the necessary materials and supplies.

You can also get it online, but will have to wait for shipping and won't get to see the piece in person. There are lots of specialty stores online worth checking out. A couple I've found in the past include intheswim.com and amerimerc.com but those are just a two among hundreds to review. Pinterest is another site where you can get lots of ideas for your swimming pool.