Pool InflatableCredit: Morgue FileSummer is a great time for both kids and adults.  Most of the time adults would rather being floating around the pool in an inflatable raft instead of swimming in the pool.  There are man pool inflatables for adults on the market.  These are some of the best ones.

Sea Doo Cabana Lounge

If you want luxury while floating in the pool this summer, this inflatable is a great choice!  There are so many options and features that are included with the Sea Doo Cabana Lounge.  The best thing about this lounge inflatable is that you can float on water without having to get anything wet except your feet.  The chair keeps you high enough so you don’t have to worry about getting the rest of your body wet.  This is great for days where the sun is hot but the lake may be too cold.  There is also a canopy above the raft so you can stay in the shade.  Built within this pool inflatable raft there is a a water proof storage area great for your cell phone or music player.  There are also external speakers so you can listen to your favorite music while lounging.  This lounge inflatable comes with built in drink holders as well.

Sea Doo 4 Person Aqua Lounge

This is another fun raft for adults.  It is great for 4 people as it is large enough to be comfortable while relaxing in the sun with your friends.  There are 4 seats as well as platform at the end for someone to dip their feet into the lake or pool.  Cup holders in this raft make it an exceptional buy.  There is also an anchor bag with a rope so you don’t need to worry about drifting away while you are out on the water.

Intex Water Hammock

This water hammock is great for a hot summer day.  While floating in this inflatable you will be able to keep your head and legs out of the water, but your mid section will be cooling off as you sink into this water hammock as you dip into the water.

Intex River Run

If you are planning on taking a trip down a fast running river, the Intex River Run is a great raft for you to do it with.  You will be floating in style while everyone else has an old school style raft.  The bottom section of this raft is mesh to keep you cool.  There is also a built in back rest so you can relax and not have to worry about straining your neck.  The handles on this raft are heavy duty and provide you with safety as you cling onto them while hitting a heavy rapid.

These pool inflatables for adults are great for large pools or lakes.  They are sure to help you relax while you are out on the water during the summer.  Throwing a water party with your friends and family may be what is next to do on your agenda.

Sea-Doo 4 Person Inflatable Aqua Lounge with MP3 System
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