Buying Bulk Paintballs to Save Money

Buying Bulk Paintballs with your Friends to Save Everyone Money

If you and your friends get together regularly to play paintball at an official course or just a local field, you can all work together and easily save big money by pooling resources to buy bulk paintballs. Bulk paintballs are available very cheaply online and you can have them shipped directly to your door so you can open up the box and be ready to play for days on end. The larger the order of bulk paintballs that your and your friends order, the more money you will all save in the long run. That's because paintball fields make a killing at selling paintballs in small lots to hungry patrons that are insufficiently prepared to play all day. Playing several games of paintball will quickly deplete your ammo cache, and when you can't shoot back anymore, you're basically a sitting duck that can't help your team achieve the objective. Meanwhile, many well-run paintball fields know that exactly this will happen, and that their patrons will come into their pro shops and drop big bucks on spare paintballs because they don't want to leave a probably remote area in search of cheaper rounds.

If you and your friends know in advance that you are all going to be playing a couple of games, however, you can spend about 10 minutes online and save yourself big bucks. Buying bulk paintballs online effectively removes your playing limitations once you get to the field. You won't have to worry anymore about running out of ammo during a crucial skirmish, or having to conserve every shot until it's too late and you get criticized for not taking enough shots. You don't have to feel the cha-ching of the cash register every time you pull your trigger if you've bought yourself a nice fat cache of bulk paintballs. That's because paintball manufacturers offer special discounts when you buy in bulk. They don't mind selling bulk paintballs because they can produce enough volume in order to make it financially worth their while. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of big online savings by ordering up a couple big boxes of bulk paintballs a week or so in advance of any big paintball plans you and your friends might have.

The other great thing about buying bulk paintballs is that you will afford yourself some extra round that you can take out back and fire at targets. This accomplishes something very important that is often overlooked by aspiring new paintball players that want to improve their game. Every paintball gun feels different and has different specifications that cause two different models of paintballs guns to fire in very different ways. By buying bulk paintballs, you will have afforded yourself the spare ammo you need to take advantage of some time in between big games to hone your accuracy and long and short distance shooting skills. The more rounds you fire in the comfort of your own backyard, the more accurate you will eventually become under fire in a big game.