Just like so many other areas of our day to day lives, recent high-tech developments in pool safety devices have made it possible to get more for less as home and business owners look to cut their risk of accidental drowning. High-tech systems and devices that are now more affordable, reliable and easier to install.

The Fold-up Pool Safety Ladder

Of them all, easily the most low-tech is the pool safety ladder. It deserves mentioning here though, because it is a relatively recent development and by far the easiest to put in place. Also, it's so simple in function that the real surprise is how long it took to be developed.

The common pool safety ladder is designed for use on aboveground pools and functions for all intents and purposes just like a normal pool ladder. The only difference in this case though, it's hinged in the middle. So it folds down when it's time for the kids to go for a swim, and then folds up to cut off access to the water when it's time to go back inside.

Thermal Heat and Motion Detectors

On the decidedly more high-tech front are systems like body heat and motion detectors that used to only be the stuff of science fiction movies. Gradually over time they did become affordable but it was only in more recent years that they became affordable to the point that they were within reach of today's pool owners.

They work by sensing a child's body heat and motion if they pass within 15 feet of them, and they're so finely calibrated that they easily differentiate between a small child and a family pet. They also operate in any type of weather and are available cordless, so they can be set up right out of the box.

New Drowning Prevention Systems

Then new drowning prevention systems worked inside the pool by monitoring swimmers under water. The heart of these systems is a series of waterproof cameras that track swimmers motions when they're in the pool. The videos that they pick up are then relayed to a computerized system that is programmed to sound the alarm if a motionless body is detected.

Another type of drowning prevention system is designed to assist an on station lifeguard. It takes a more straightforward approach by eliminating the computer while keeping the video cameras. So with this system rather than the images being sent to a computer for motion analysis, the videos are transmitted directly to monitors for eyes on surveillance.

Better Designed and Constructed Pool Safety Covers

Today's better designed and constructed pool safety covers also qualify as high-tech pool safety devices, even if they don't rely on electricity to operate. The reason here is that they are made from new advanced high stress materials that can hold up to a ton of weight.

View advanced hold down technology also makes them easier to set up an easier take down, which can't be understated because ease-of-use factors in heavily with pool safety devices that are truly effective. These new pool safety covers also are now becoming an integral part of the growing popularity of what has become known as a multilayered high tech pool safety system.