When you're playing the game of billiards, then you obviously need to have light visible to see the billiard table. Pool table lamps are required to shoot a game of pool. Billiard lights are used as much for show as for displaying light on the pool table. There are some unique pool table light fixtures out on the market. You can even customize your pool table light fixtures to show off your beautiful billiard table, and help compliment the look of your billiard room. Pool table lamps can be very cheap, or expensive depending on the kind of pool table light fixtures you're looking to purchase. Down below is some different pool table lamps that are out on the market. A list of personalized, modern, Kichler, beer logo, and Tiffany pool table lamps to buy out on the market.

Modern Pool Table Lamps

60" Brooklyn Billiards Lights by Ram Ram Lighting Sand Metal 60W Inch Pool Table Light

Modern pool table light fixtures are a bit expensive. You'll most likely have to pay $500 dollars or more on the highest quality of billiard lights out on the market. The Ram 60" Modern Pool Table Lights are available online for different shade colors like beige and matte black. The 60" Brooklyn Billiards Lights by Ram are some of the nicer table light fixture to feature in your billiard room. The hanging chair resembles the Brooklyn Bridge. They allow your billiard table to stand out, along three halogen light bulbs that are visible enough to shoot a good game of billiards. The three shaded stainless glass pool table light will help to broaded your billiard's room with a dazzling, and authentic looking billiard room. They'll support halogen light bulbs. Lamps will support up to three light bulbs. Light bulbs aren't included. You can find a variety of other Ram Modern billiard light fixtures available online at amazon, aqua superstore, and lighting universe.

If you're looking to spend a little less on quality billiard table lights, then the Ram Lighting Sand Metal 60W Inch Pool Table Light is nice model to purchase for those looking for a good bargain. They're Ram pool light fixtures that are simple with its fashion style, but provides three 100 watt light bulbes that makes it visible enough to shoot a good game of pool. Prices will also keep you well below $500 dollars online at amazon. Metal sand provides a nice modern look, nothing too exotic in appearance. 

Ram Gameroom 14" Singing Metallic Hanging Billiard Lights

If you're looking for some for appearance sake, and you're just shopping for the cheapest modern pool tables lamp under a hundred dollars, then checkout Ram Gameroom 14" Singing Metallic hanging Billiards Lights. There's nothing flashy or fancy about these billiard lights. They'll keep enough light visible for you, and your buddies to shoot a quality game of pool on. It's going on sale at CSN stores and amazon.

Personalized Beer Pool Table Lamps

Buying personalized pool table lamps definitely aren't cheap purchases. Most personalized pool table light fixtures are available for beer logo pool table light fixtures online. If you're a budweiser drinker, then you can have your name customized on a 28 inch stainless glass pool table light at online stores like buy.com, big edge sports, open tip, and shopping warehouse. It comes with a handmade stained glass brass channel pull.

If you're looking for more light, then check out the 40 inch stained glass billiard table light. You can personalized the pool table lamp as well. Prices are slightly higher, but both personalized beer pool table lamps cost around $300 dollars. You can purchase online at ANT online, and toolfetch.com. 28 inch customized bud light pool table light fixtures can be purchase online at amazon and opentip.com. The 40 inch bud light stained glass pool table light can be purchased online at shopping warehouse. These beer personalized billiard table lamps require 3 60 watt light bulbs. These would make for good Christmas gift ideas for men. They don't have to be used as strictly pool table light fixtures either.

Personalized Football Pool Table Lamps

Having your very own personalized football pool table lamp would be a pretty cool accessory to have in your billiard room. Shoot a game of pool, and have a customized football pool table lamp hanging above your billiard table. If you love football and you're looking for football billiard lights, then check out online stores like ozone billiards and the pool table light site. Whether you're a college football fan, or a professional football fan, you should find football billiard lights that can be customized with personal messages, football chants, or names of your choosing.

Tiffany Pool Table Lamps

Tiffany Z-Light Sherwood 56-Inch 3 Light Billiard Fixture

Tiffany pool light fixtures are classy, fancy, and eloquent decorative shade designs that can really spice up the look of your billiard room. They are expensive and not cheap pool table light fixtures to purchase. There are some of the most popular and high quality billiard light fixtures out on the market. Tiffany billiard table lamps are made out of stainless glass. The Z-lite might be the most heavily found Tiffany pool table light fixture product to find online. An interesting geometric patterned of muted shades of different colors are featured on the billiard light shades. Tiffany pool table lamps are expensive and cost about $400 dollars online. They're supported by three 150 watt medium base bulbs. You can purchase Tiffany pool table light fixtures online at lighting universe, bellacor, lighting New York, and Nova Lighting store.

Kichler Pool Light Fixtures

Billiard lights are expensive, and Kichler billiard lights aren't any cheaper. Kichler makes some of the finder light products out on the market. If you don't mind spending money on billiard lights, then Kichler pool light fixtures can really add a broader look to your billiard table. The Kichler Phoenix Pendant in Dore Bronze provides more of a traditional look. If you have a wood based pool table, Kichler lights compliment wood based tables quite vividly. The dore bronze brings out a classical look. It can really compliment any pool table. Three 150 watt light bulbs are required for lighting. You can purchase kichler pool table lamps online at CNS stores with free shipping included.