It's that time of the year again. It's time to get out those pool vacuums and get that pool ready for some fun in the sun. Long gone are the days of manual pool vacuuming. Pool owners no longer have to do the break breaking work of pushing a vacuum around for hours to achieve a clean pool.

Pool vacuuming, years ago, was a very tedious and time consuming, back-breaking job, but it does not need to be that way anymore. Pool vacuums have come a very long way in recent years making pool vacuuming, a once dreaded job, much easier. Years ago pool owners spent hours skimming their pools of dirt and debris that would be clouding the water as pool vacuums were often very costly and not very effective, but mostly they were cumbersome to work with. Not anymore.

Pool vacuums now come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Some are still a bit cumbersome and hard to work and some will do most of the work for you. Depending on the size and type of pool you own and how much use your pool gets, the type of vacuum you will need will vary. Robotic automatic pool cleaners are the most expensive type of pool vacuum. These electric cleaners are run by electricity that powers a small motor and work great on small debris or sand. These devices move around your pool on their own, therefore, eliminating the hard work of hooking up the vacuum and pushing it around.

Robotic automatic pool cleaners not only clean the floor of the pool of dirt and debris but will also clean the pool sides and some will also even clean the tile line. A robotic vacuum will cost you upward of $700.00 and most of the time if repairs need to be made they need to be sent back to the manufacturer for service. The most common type of pool vacuum is the Automatic Pool Vacuum which works directly off the suction of your existing filter. This type of vacuum cleans the dirt and debris off the floor of the pool right into your filter resulting in a need for more filter cleanings.

Then there are the pressure operated automatic swimming pool vacuums. This type of vacuum is hooked up to the return or pressure side of your equipment and can connect directly or through their own pump and plumbing line this type of cleaner collect the dirt in a bag reducing the need for additional filter cleaners, but really do not work so well with fine dirt or sand. So, if it is automatic pool cleaning you are looking for the most economical way will be with a suction side automatic pool cleaner.

Again, this type of cleaner works best with small dirt and debris. Automatic models come with cleaning settings that can be adjusted for your pools needs. Simply put, pool vacuums, now available in 3 different automatic varieties will do the work for you. Your pool has never been more about relaxing than it is with Pool Vacuums.