Waterfalls come in many varieties, from decorative pineapple waterfalls to indoor glass waterfalls. Pool waterfalls are different than most other varieties. The water forms a neat arc before cascading down to the pool.

There are different artistic concepts for designing waterfalls that must be adhered to and analysed to determine the feasibility of the feature in the desired spot. The base is usually made of uniform tiles. Some waterfalls are tiered to have different levels as the waterfall approaches the pool surface.  Waterfalls can create a dramatic effect by placing a spurting waterfall in the middle of a pool.

Fountain waterfalls are often seen in elegant hotels. They often have lights attached to them which make the water turn different colors to the amazement of their guests.

Sometimes large mansions display the same types of luxurious waterfalls in a pond at the entrance of the house.  Public attractions that include waterworks almost always have fountains. Families love to go to these places where children can spend hours of fun gliding down slides and jumping waves.  They can entice the children to jump in and feel the tingling of the droplets that fall over their tiny bodies - in short, kids love them.  

Sometimes the fountains are designed in the shapes of famous cartoon characters to the delight of children. They might also enchant children with the fantasy world created by mermaid waterfalls complete with little fairies dancing through the shower of droplets

Private swimming pools are not only affordable to construct but they are also easy to maintain these days. Small pools can be made to hold water features that produce arcs and wonderful splashing effects.  

Water sports are popular with children; they jump, swim and splash throughout the waves and fountains. Pools must be built according to tight regulations so safety is not an issue. Adults watching the children play can enjoy a delightful sunbath. Water falling can create a cool and pleasant atmosphere. The spray of fresh water makes the surroundings seem verdant and fresh.

Awesome parties and outdoor functions can be planned along with a swimming pool waterfall. Youngsters could arrange a pool party too. With fountains lighting and music effects can be added to add a dramatic appeal to the environment. Depending upon the type of lights and music, the party could be happy, scintillating, or intense.

A pre-planning session for a waterfall is necessary so that you are aware of all the expenses associated with it. This includes construction and maintenance. A pool waterfall may cost several thousand dollars. Because of the market competition there are many different manufacturers who offer pool waterfalls, so it is always a good idea to compare prices and features:

  1. Always make sure that you are comparing the material as well as installation costs. Some materials are more expensive but also durable and worth a little more money.  
  2. Various companies provide all kinds of water fountains, so search thoroughly on the internet and make sound comparisons.
  3. Warranties are an important feature since you are spending a lot of money. If something goes wrong, you want a company that stands behind its products to fix the problem.  
  4. An equipment warranty is different from that of the maintenance so they should not be confused. Parts usually have their own warranties, so read the fine print carefully to determine what is covered.
  5. With all this in mind, it is important to do some comparative pricing and to get a quote stating what will be done in detail so that you can make fair comparisons. This also ensures the credibility of a company and the worth of its warranty.