The Dangers of Drowning in any type of Water

Everyone needs to be aware of the dangers of drowning, whether it be in summer or winter. The risk of another death by drowning is still there. Many people enjoy the outdoor water sports more so in summer but the dangers of an accidental death in a local park while on a picnic is often just as dangerous.


When people are enjoying themselves they may relax and have a couple of alcoholic drinks. If under the influence of alcohol their reflexes are not as quick as those without. Young children can wander of and disappear in a matter of seconds.


Alcohol consumption and water activities can be a combination of deadly consequences. Approximately twenty per cent of adults that drown every year are alcohol related. Alcohol impairs your senses, and contributes to risk taking behaviors. A person under the influence is less likely to survive as the resuscitation methods are less likely to work.


Because a child is a competent swimmer in the pool at home does not mean they could cope under different circumstances. We all need to be aware of the different conditions and dangers from changes in the weather, to rips and currents in the ocean.


Swimming Pools


Children and families enjoying a day at the pool can also be at risk. Especially as mothers sit about chatting while the toddler can be playfully splashing about one minute and the second your back is turned they are gone. I have been a witness as to how easily this can happen while lazing about in one of the artesian pools. Luckily a little girl who fell in managed to kick her way back to the shallower part of the pool before we got to her.


Her parents were not aware that it had happened, although to the parent's credit they had made the effort to have her enrolled in swimming lessons which actually proved warranted.


Teachers at the pool cannot be expected to watch every child at the pool, and give lessons to the ones in that class at the same time.

Poolguard in ground swimming pool alarm 

Security Swimming Pool Alarms

Have you ever thought of installing a Poolguard in ground swimming pool alarm.  This could help protect your children.  This has a sensor that goes off when something weighing over 18 lbs either moves all falls into the pool.


Dangers in rivers, dams and lakes


Many people enjoy the holidays near the water- be it camping by a river, going fishing or a trip to the beach. The danger is still there; in fact the risk could be worse than at a pool. Lakes, rivers or dams do not have lifeguards on hand to rescue anyone. There could be other hidden dangers as well: like hidden or submerged tree stumps, reeds to entangle a young child, or slippery banks for the unwary.


How many times have you shuddered when you see a child or youth swing of a rope over a river? Bad weather or ageing trees lose their branches all the time, therefore there is no guarantee that one of these branches are not submerged right where you about to swing into the river. Yes you may have done this hundreds of times each year, but, a lot can happen or change overnight. Beware of the dangers.


Dangers in the ocean


Always swim within the flags if you are lucky enough to have lifeguards on your beaches. Only fools take risks outside them. This is what I call double standards; abide by the rules when it suits them. They expect someone to risk their own lives to save them when in trouble.


Use a life jacket whenever going out on the water. It makes no difference whether it's on a jet ski or in a boat, the risk is the same. An unexpected wave can swamp your boat at anytime. This could be caused by another boat deliberately passing too close to your own, thinking it is fun to see another boat in trouble.


Kayaks and canoes can be fun, although these can still be swamped even in a river. My husband and I saw two young ten year old boys that were in a competitive canoe race on the Murray River. When we saw them they looked like drowned rats. Luckily they had life jackets on as another speed boat came close to them and tipped their canoe over, and then sped off laughing.


This was an organized event, yet there was a boat leading them off and one following up the rear. No one bothered about the ten kilometers of unsupervised river in between for the competitors.


Risks of stingers on the beach are another worry. You should always carry a small bottle of vinegar in your bag just in case you should get stung. Then of course there are the sharks.


Safety check list for this holiday

  • Check the weather conditions before taking to the water
  • Swim in patrolled areas
  • Watch out for other water craft when in the water
  • Supervise the children at all times
  • Check all your equipment, and have life jackets for everyone
  • Avoid any alcohol intake if undertaking any water activities
  • Teach your children to swim from babies onwards
  • Parents children are your responsibility not others





In conclusion





If everyone took an active part in the responsibility of their own children our kids would be safer. If adults consumed less alcohol while swimming there would be less children and adults losing their lives every year too.