Having lived in South Africa all of my 28 years on earth, you kind of get used to the bad service levels we experience in our country. You only actually realise how bad it really is when you go out into the world on your own and start using services and go shopping for your own home. The question I keep on asking myself is, is there anything we can do about this?

Can you get the cashier behing the cash desk to help you pack your shopping in bags while you are trying to pay for it with one hand and hold on to your baby with the other hand? How do you get the person on the other end of the line when phoning the customer care line to answer quicker so you can stop hearing the computer generated voice telling you that you are number 146 in the que? We are in the last stretch the 2010 Soccer World Cup being hosted in our country and I can only hope our international guest will leave here only complimenting our wonderful service levels.

I do believe the it is all a question of respect. Respect for the customer you are serving as well as respect for yourself and the job you are doing. I think if we can get the level or respect back to the correct balance, our battle will be half way won. There are ways of complaining about the poor service like going to website like hellopeter.com or contacting the different companies head offices directly, but my experiences with that have not been very fruitful. So why not all try to show a little respect for each other in the way we deal and serve each other? My experience have showed me that by greeting the person serving me with a warm heart, sometimes get me that little bit extra. We keep on blaming the companies we go to for having bad service, but have we ever stopped and listen to ourselfs, the way we speak to the person serving us?

Don't sit around waiting for someone else to making a difference, why don't all of us just start by doing that little bit extra and putting in that little extra effort and I am sure we will see a BIG difference!!