A pop up greenhouse is perfect if you only need a small greenhouse for part of the year. You can put up your plastic greenhouse in spring, sow your vegetable seeds a month earlier than you could outside and have fine, early crops.


What are Pop Up Greenhouses?


These are flexible PVC greenhouses that have a plastic or metal frame with a separate see-through greenhouse material cover. They are designed as portable greenhouses and are quick to dismantle and re-erect somewhere else.


Who Could Use a Pop Up Greenhouse?


Any gardener can always use a small greenhouse. It means you can sow tomatoes early enough to grow them outside and still have a ripe crop before autumn. It means you can sow flower seeds that need to be sown on a windowsill or greenhouse and gives you a lot more choice in the flowers you can grow.


Most gardeners only need a hobby greenhouse and do not want the maintenance that goes with a full-sized glasshouse. They do not want to have to clean all the glass down every spring, to heat it all through the winter and to have to mess around with ventilators in summer. A portable greenhouse is all they need.


Is a Mini Pop Up Greenhouse Large Enough?


If you have never had a greenhouse before then a mini-sized one is a good place to start. You can pick up a four foot square by four and a half feet high plant house for around $65. Amazon are as cheap as the greenhouses direct websites.


You can mini greenhouses from a cloche-sized two foot high poly-tunnel up to a full sized seven foot high greenhouse, with every size in between, so there is certain to be one available in the size you want.


Small pop up greenhouses are sometimes called plant houses, to make it clear that they are designed to accommodate plants rather than people. If you buy one of these you cannot get into it to reach plants. Some of them have opening portholes that you can reach through, others you just reach in through the doorway.


How Easy Are Plastic Pop Up Greenhouses to Put Together?


"Pop up" is slightly on the optimistic side. Even the smallest models will take you twenty minutes to assemble. A full size "pop up" greenhouse will take most people around one hour. They are easy, but it can be awkward getting the parts to marry up.


Which Pop Up Greenhouse is Right For You?


TV ads are a great way of marketing a product to people, because they allow you to see how it can be used, gives a scale if actors stand next to the product and tell you where to find it. If you are particularly attracted to a greenhouse or plant house you have seen in a TV ad, just watch out for the "Pop up Greenhouse-As Seen on TV" sticker or poster in your hardware store or garden centre.


Some PVC greenhouses come with essential extras that you would otherwise need to buy. Shelving, called staging in greenhouse parlance, is essential. Shading material will stop your plants from becoming too hot and losing too much water. Tie-downs or guy ropes are the only thing that stands between your plant house and your neighbour's garden, yet they are not always included.


Where Can You Buy Hobby Greenhouses?


Online is the easiest answer. Amazon has 80 models from different manufacturers and in every size and specification, most of them discounted, on its site.