A Pop Up Stand

If you have Pop up Stands, for exhibiting at trade shows, the look, feel and layout of your exhibition stand is crucial to the success and the earning potential for your company at the show.
When considering whether or not to exhibit at a trade show, do not feel overwhelmed by the 'big boys', the huge corporate entities that can dominate the scene with their vast marketing budgets - you can compete – and win!

If you can come up with fun ideas, coupled with pop up stands that will not break your marketing budget, use your brains instead of your wallet, you can have exhibition attendees flocking to your stand and walking right past the bigger, more expensive stands of your rivals.

Brainstorm to decide on a fun stand theme and get really good graphics for your stand. Thinking up ideas of how to make your stand fun, lively and exciting can really pay dividends. Do your preparations before the exhibition, market to your database, send out show invites and so on.

Make sure your staff are really enthusiastic and motivated – you do not want to miss capturing any visitor information and you need to follow up every single lead once the show is over.

If you are stuck for ideas or are worried that you might miss out some steps in ensuring success, you can get some more ideas on Making Exhibitions Work For You from the Pop Up Displays Guide website.

A pop up stand can be the answer if you want the perfect medium for conveying the information you want to get across about your company and what you have to offer, and it can be utilized in a variety of situations, whether this is at an exhibition, or a conference or perhaps when you are doing a presentation.

These lightweight stands are simple for anyone to transport and erect and they are hard-wearing enough to be used many times. It is no wonder that pop up stands that are so popular with small and medium sized businesses are now massively used by big corporate companies who use them to maximum effect in a variety of situations.

If you use one large pop up for the central section of your stand, this can be complemented by roller banner stands – perhaps with double-sided graphics to place on a corner and attract visitors from two directions at once. Using more than one pop up stand to form your exhibition stand enables even more flexibility.

It is vital to remember that whilst a huge marketing budget undoubtedly makes things easier, it is still possible to have a hugely successful trade show if you have clever, fun, ideas and a lot of enthusiasm.

Pop up stands should definitely form the backbone of your exhibition displays and by making sure you do your homework before the exhibition, training the staff who will man your stand and making sure you make the most of every sales lead you get, your company will do very well from exhibiting at trade shows, even though your stand may be smaller than some of your competitors.