If you want a simple way to offer snacks at a big event, renting a high quality popcorn machine is a great way to provide treats to a group of people while keeping costs low. Nearly everyone loves popcorn, and the smell of freshly popped corn will lure guests in from all directions.

Reasons to Rent a Popcorn Machine

A popcorn stand rental is a great way to serve guests at a private party like a birthday party or family reunion. It is a very festive way to bring treats to a spot where many people gather to celebrate something special - especially if they will be walking around or in a setting where a small bag to carry the popcorn is an advantage, such as the backyard or at a park.

Events suited for raising money for a good cause are also great spots to set up a popcorn stand for donations. With a low cost for supplies and a potential to charge a profitable fee for each bag, this can be a great cash generator for a church event, benefit, festival, carnival, block party, or other community function. It’s much easier to raise money when you offer something in return that people enjoy.

Benefits of a Popcorn Machine Rental

You could just make popcorn at home for an event, but an authentic antique-style popcorn maker adds a festive touch to the atmosphere and will draw the guests in. The hot buttered popcorn smell that a real live machine produces, as well as the sound of freshly popped corn, does not compare to the sight of pre-packaged bags. Not only that, you can serve the corn nice and toasty warm just fresh from the popper.

A popcorn machine can turn out several servings per minute, which makes it suitable for handling a crowd and avoiding long lines. You can easily turn out a theatre-quality snack in a timely manner, and this is a well-liked treat for both kids and adults.

Popping corn is very simple, and these machines are very easy to use. This makes it a great choice for fundraisers or events where people will rotate the popping duties, since the learning curve is very short. The next shift will be able to take over right away. The kernels are not very expensive either, which means you can achieve a great return on investment if raising donations is your goal.

Perhaps the best part is that popcorn is not only loved by many, but it is a healthier food compared to many other snack options. Popcorn makes a great alternative to junk food or foods that may suffer under the hot summer sun, like ice cream or chocolate. People can even snack on some now and finish their bag later.

Simple Steps to Pop Corn

These vendor-style popcorn carts make the entire vending process a snap. The machines run on a standard outlet so any nearby power source or extension cord will do. To get ready, simply turn the machine on to preheat it for 5-10 minutes and you’re ready to load the hopper and get going.

There are prepackaged bags readily available that have the perfect amount of oil, salt, kernels, and flavoring which makes the process foolproof. Simply open the packs, empty the contents into the kettle reservoir, and let the popping process begin.

Each popping cycle of this easy concession machine will last just a few minutes, at which time you can load it up for more and begin filling individual bags for patrons. This is one concession machine that can keep up with high demand.

Supplies Needed

To run the popcorn machine and serve the corn to guests, you will need only a few key supplies. First of all, the device may or may not have a built-in stand. If not, you’ll need a flat level surface like a sturdy table that won’t tip over. For machines on a stand, a flat patio, driveway or sidewalk is best. You’ll also need electricity.

For popping, these machines need the corn kernels, oil, flavoring, and salt. These can be found individually, but the pre-mixed packs supply them all together in just the right proportions for the machine you rented so you can skip the measuring and just start popping.

To serve the corn to guests, either popcorn boxes or small popcorn bags are needed, along with a nice scoop to fill the bags to make the filling process easier. As a final touch, popcorn salt and napkins are a nice thing to offer guests at their option.

The Perfect Concession Treat

It’s easy to turn a snack into money or offer family and friends a freshly made healthy treat at your big event. Popcorn is a low cost product that is in high demand, and will make everyone happy. Party or event guests will line up once they hear the corn popping and get a whiff of the tasty treat awaiting them.