Popping zits is a part of teenage life. The question is, do you do it correctly? Probably not.

The damage that can be caused by popping zits is huge, not to mention the fact that you've got a really good chance of creating more zits by doing it incorrectly.

This article will show you how to pop zits the right way, without damaging any tissue below the surface and reducing the chances of it becoming infected. The art of zit popping is a fine one, and if your face is the canvas, your fingers are the paintbrushes. So it's time to sit down for an art lesson, and learn to do this the right way. First, we'll take a look at why the way you're doing it right now is not a good idea.

How Is Popping Zits Bad?

When you pop a zit you usually push down on your skin to get underneath the pimple and get it out from underneath. Here's the problem with that, when you push down that tissue that you're pushing against is very sensitive. Any damage to that tissue will leave your skin much more likely to suffer from acne scars. Living with acne scars later is much worse than dealing with a few pimples right now!

Also, when you pop zits you're leaving an open wound right there on your face. The skin on your face is a magnet for infection, so without proper sanitization and cleaning you're much more likely to suffer from a serious infection. I don't know about you, but I would rather have a couple of pimples than a major infection on my face! Without proper sanitization and cleanup, all of the goo that came out of your pimple is going to spread all over your face and clog up the rest of the pores around it, leading to more pimples!

Gross, I know, but you don't have to do it that way...

How To Pop Zits

The first step to popping a zit is to clean up. I mean really clean up, wash your face and hands thoroughly and sanitize anything you're going to use to help you pop it with rubbing alcohol. This is going to help prevent infection and the spread of goo.

If you're going to pop your zit with your fingers, push sideways rather than down into your face. I know that this isn't as effective, but it's better to wait until the pimple is ready to blow than it is to damage the tissue under your skin. Don't use your finger nails to push sideways, that can scratch and irritate the area further. If the pimple isn't ready to go, wait it out.

If you're using a needle or other sharp instrument, do your best to make the incision as small as possible. It's certainly going to hurt more when the sebum comes out, but the smaller incision will be less likely to get infected than a larger one would.

After you've popped the zit and gotten everything out, it's cleanup time again. This time, you'll need cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol to clean the popped zit, but only do this after thoroughly washing your hands again.

Pimples affect all of us at some point, and in order to make sure that your face stays healthy and scar free, you must follow these steps. Popping zits certainly isn't an acne cure, but a good short term method to keep your skin from getting out of control.

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