If you are looking for some creative crafts for your kids to do, then why not try Popsicle stick crafts? They are cheap (you can usually get a box of them for crafts). If you supply a few other things such as paint, white glue, markers, and other things around the house, you will be amazed at what your kids can come up with.

Popsicle Sticks or also called Jumbo Craft Sticks in Bulk

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Here are a few crafts to get your started. You might find that they inspire even more ideas and projects!

 Build a House

This is a cool one. One easy to way to create a house, especially if your children are young, is to find a small shoe box. (kids sized shoe box works well) Take off the lid and turn it over, with the opening face down. Decide where you are going to put the windows and doors, and then cut them out. (You might need to do this part for your kids). Then let them glue "siding" on the box with the Popsicle sticks.

Then they can paint or color this siding. This creates a pretty solid  house, that they can hide treasures in.

Book of Ideas


This is a neat idea. Take 2 small blocks of wood (big enough to hold up some books but not too big). Make sure they are sanded smooth and there are no rough edges. Then let your kids paint them green for grass. Now have them glue them around the wood as a fence. Then take some small plastic animals or make your own to put in the little farm yard. Now they can hold up their books with these homemade bookends.


This one is quite simple and yet effective. Take 2 Popsicle sticks and glue them together like a cross. Then take string and wrap around the ends and then go to the next one, and continue on around. This can be done in sparkly wool, and used as Christmas Ornaments.

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This can be totally personalized. Depending on the age of your child, will decide on how detailed these bookmarks are. You can take a single Popsicle stick and paint it, and then decorate one end (the part that will stick out of the book) and using construction paper, or felt or foam sheets, your kids can create their own special bookmark. You can get googly eyes at the dollar store that would be fun to add to these.

 Doll House Table

Take about 2 sticks and lay them on the table one above each other (horizontally, these will be the strength of the table) Now start gluing more of them vertically onto the supports. Keeping them close together, this creates your table top.

Once dry, you can paint it any color, then by breaking 2 in half (evenly) you can glue on 4 legs. Now take a small scrap of fabric and drape it over your table as a table cloth, and you have a table for a doll house.

You can get creative with these, and you could furnish your doll house with creative ideas for furniture.


This is a fun craft for the kids. Basically you take 2 Popsicle sticks and lay them out horizontally then glue some more vertically to these (this creates support). Let it dry, then paint what ever color you want. Then find a twig and glue it to your raft with a scrap piece of fabric or a paper flag.

Now find a puddle and float your raft!

These types of crafts, help get your child's imagination going. Once they get started they will keep coming up with their own ideas. So, find a large box of Popsicle sticks and keep a few dollar store supplies around and that next rainy day, get them out. They will be busy for hours!