One of the coolest tools in the well-liked Poptropica game is the Costumizer. It is very easy and fun to use but many folks don't even know it's available. Are you puzzling over what the costumizer does? Well, it allows you to awfully quickly copy and wear any costume you see another personality wearing in the game. In simply a case of a few seconds, you can wear just about any outfit you need to in Poptropica. Here is how it's possible for you to use the costumizer. The very first thing you want to do is to go and find the personality you wish to look like in the game.

This is often any personality you come across in any of the island journeys on Poptropica. For instance, let's imagine you need to look like Shark Boy from Shark Tooth Island. Walk up next to that personality in the Shark Museum and then click the Costumizer icon in the upper-right corner of your screen. The costumizer is the green t-shirt and you'll be able to find it next to the map. Next, you should click the personality you need to look like. In this example, give good old Shark Boy a click. The next thing that you'll see is a screen that shows you and the other personality. Click any clothing item on the other personality to wear it and click any clothing item that you are wearing to get rid of it. You can copy the whole costume of the other personality or simply mix 'n match till you get something that you like.

The better part is that you can wear any outfit worn by another personality in Poptropica. It's actually cool to wear the costumes that you see other special or rare characters have, like Mordred from Astro-Knights or Betty Jetty from Superpower Island. If you are feeling actually creative, you can come up with some great mixes that nobody saw before. If you have credits from finishing the islands or you have purchased some, you may use these in the shop to buy costumes then and there mix them with ones you find on other characters in the game.