Looking for a remodel for your bathroom or more specifically, replacing your old bathroom tile floors with a new design? Changing something as simple a flooring in your bathroom can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your bathroom. However, you are going to want to consider a few things before you make the change. First of all, how big is your bathroom? If your bathroom is too small, you may be limited to the types of tile you can select. A large tile design could overwhelm a small bathroom and make it actually look smaller.

Alternatively, a large bathroom will look a little off kilter if the tiles are too small. The best way to look at your bathroom remodeling is to take a look at the size of the bathroom and choose the proper size of tile based on the actual size of the bathroom. It is best to keep your design proportionate to the size, as a general rule.

That said, there are several very popular bathroom tile shower designs to choose from. In this article, I am going to go over 3 of the most popular in this day and age and give some of the positives and negatives of each.

Glass Tile Shower Designs

Glass tile shower designs have really started to become a modern day favorite. One of the upsides to glass tiles (and a huge selling point for eco-friendly people) is the fact that much of the glass tile comes from recycled materials. One of the more popular glass tile designs is the mosaic tile. This type of tile is basically made up of 1000's of tiny bits of glass tile which all comes together because it has the same hue background. The downside to glass tiles is the price; outside of granite, glass tiles have a pretty expensive price tag.

Subway Tile Shower Designs

Subway tiles are making a comeback. They are retro cool and many homes have based their kitchens and their bathrooms around this throwback favorite. They have been a popular bathroom choice for almost a decade now and it looks like they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. The biggest upside to choosing the subway tile design is the clean and stream-lined effect that it yields. Of course, the biggest advantage to choosing subway tile is that it is the most cost effective of the three this article is reviewing.

Granite Tile Shower Designs

I can't think of anything else that implies the good life than granite. A granite topped kitchen is the crowning jewel for any person who loves to cook. The same can be said for placing granite tile in the bathroom. In fact, many bathroom designers will not only use granite to line their showers, they will also do it to top their bathroom sink and use it for accents in both the kitchen and bathroom. Make no bones about it....granite is probably the most popular and most coveted option when looking at changing a mundane bathroom into the proverbial calgon commercial. The downside? Granite tile is also the most expensive of all the choices and can easily cost several hundred to several thousand dollars if you intend to use it for remodeling.

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There you have it. 3 of the most popular bathroom tile shower designs. Much of what you choose will really depend on what your budget is and how big your bathroom is. Have fun with it!

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