It is not hard to understand why childrens ottomans would be a popular piece of kids furniture.  They are popular for the same reason adults love ottomans.  It is much more comfortable to sit and relax while watching television or playing a video game if you are able to kick your feet up.  The cool thing about a kid's ottoman is that they come in all sorts of interesting colors and styles.  There is something for everybody it would seem.  That is the way it seems to be with furniture for a child's bedroom or play room.  If you want something, you can usually find a way to get it.  This is definitely true with the popular childrens ottomans shown here.

Where to Find These and Other Childrens Ottomans

There are several places that you can look when you are in the market for a foot rest for your child's furniture decor.  Ottomans can be found at retail stores such as Target and Toys R Us.  The good thing about going to these places is that you get an up close and personal look at the furniture to see if you really want to bring it into your house.  Sometimes you take a look and realize that it is just not what you want.  But other times you will be pleased to find that it will fit right in.

Many people enjoy the simplicity of shopping online for childrens ottomans.  Good places to start would be Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist.  You can also find them at the websites of the retail stores mentioned above.  Shopping online helps you comparison shop and decide on your favorite item from the comfort of your home.  You also leave all the heavy lifting to the person who delivers the ottoman to your front door.  While shipping and handling costs might be involved, it is sometimes worth the extra cost to not have to carry the thing around by yourself.

Kids furniture can also be found at many furniture stores, so you might want to have a look around at the stores near you.

In any case, here are some popular childrens ottomans.

Pink Flower Childrens Ottoman

Pink Flower - Childrens OttomansCredit: target.comLike many childrens ottomans, this one is a fun piece of kids furniture, and will liven up your kid's bedroom or play room.  Who knows, it looks so cool that your child will probably enjoy bringing it into the living room during a family movie night or to play video games.  It is shaped like a 5-petal flower with a green center.  It can be found online at

Smiling Face Childrens Ottoman

Smiley Face Childrens OttomansCredit: amazon.comThe smiley face has been a symbol of joy for a long time now, and this ottoman can bring that sense of happiness to your child.  It is bright yellow with the smiling face that has become so popular over the years.  It is a little over a foot tall, making it a great size for the kids in your life.  Maybe it is not for everyone, but it could be the perfect gift idea for just the right person.

Green Frog Ottoman for Kids

Green Frog Childrens OttomanCredit: amazon.comThis rosy-cheeked green frog would be a neat addition to any bedroom or play room.  The seat features a simple design, with the image of a frog crouched down and smiling.  It is less than a foot tall so it makes for a great ottoman for many kids, especially kids that love their amphibian friends.

Football Childrens Ottoman

Football Childrens OttomanCredit: amazon.comFor the sports loving kid, this football ottoman would fit in nicely.  It is one foot tall and looks just like a large pigskin.  Many bedrooms, especially boys bedrooms, have themes of football, basketball, baseball, and many other sports.  If this is the way it is in your home, then this childrens ottoman could be just what you are looking for.

Strawberry Childrens Ottoman

Strawberry Childrens OttomanCredit: amazon.comIf you are looking for something more soft than football, this strawberry-shaped childrens ottoman might be what you are looking for.  There are many different ways to incorporate this stool, and the bright red color certainly makes it stand out.  It is just a foot tall so just about any little one should be able to sit and rest comfortably on it.

Childrens Ottomans are a Fun Accent to Any Room

With any piece of furniture for kids, you want to make sure that the chair, table, stool, or bed is comfortable to use, is stable enough that it will not fall over, and will fit in with the rest of the decor of your home and your child's bedroom or play room.  These and other childrens ottomans will help liven up your kid's room, and they will give your young ones a place to sit or kick their feet up as they relax while watching tv, watching a movie, or playing video games.