These Thomas the Tank Engine Costumes Will Thrill the Little Ones

What better way for a young Thomas the Train fan to enjoy Halloween than by donning one of these Thomas the Tank Engine costumes?  The little ones will love dressing up like one of their favorite television characters, and adults will get a kick out of seeing the cute costumes. 

Costumes are fun, especially for kids.  Of course they like to wear them on Halloween, but kids also enjoy wearing them throughout the year.  Whether you are looking for a costume for a toddler or a child that's a little bit older, there is a Thomas the Tank costume for everyone.

Thomas and Friends My First Thomas Infant Costume

Thomas the Tank Engine My First Thomas Infant CostumeThis cute Thomas and Friends My First Thomas Infant Costume is terrific for the smallest of Thomas fans that have already grown fond of the little blue train.  This costume is a printed foam apron with a blue and black cap included.  The apron has a smiling Thomas on the front that greets everyone who looks on.  It is a 12 - 18 month sized costume and would look great on any kid who loves Thomas the Tank Engine.





Thomas the Tank Engine Candy Catcher Costume

Thomas the Tank Engine Candy Catcher CostumeThis candy catcher costume is the perfect Halloween costume.  Not only does the costume make the young Thomas fan dress like their favorite train, but it also stores candy.  What could be better?  The costume is a one size fits all outfit and includes the blue and black conductor's hat.




Thomas the Tank Engine Classic Costume

Thomas the Tank Engine Classic CostumeThis Thomas the Tank Engine costume is a classic that features an overlay of Thomas.  It is very similar to the candy catcher costume above just a little bit longer.  It also includes a black and blue conductor's hat that say Thomas and Friends.  As for sizes, it is advertised that it will fit up to a size 6, and appears to be high quality.




Thomas the Tank Engine Engineer's Hat

Thomas the Tank Engine Engineer's HatThis Thomas the Tank Engine engineer's hat is a great way for a young Thomas fan to show just how much they love their favorite train.  It also is a wonderful way to help them feel like a train engineer.  To help the child really feel like a Thomas the Train engineer, check out the Thomas Wood Whistle.




These Costumes Are Fun For Everyone

Everyone will have a blast watching their little ones walk around in these costumes.  The kids will have fun as they pretend to be Thomas and his friends, and their parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles will have smiles on their faces watching the kids play.

There are other Thomas and Friends costumes available, including other characters from the Thomas the Tank Engine books and movies.   So no matter which character is the favorite in your household, your child can act like just about every case member on the show.

Enjoy these costumes and good luck being able to keep a smile off of your face as you watch your kids wear them throughout the house or neighborhood.  They will throughly enjoy them for sure.

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