Finding a good Dora table and chairs set can provide your kids with a fun place to sit and eat, play, read, color, do homework, and just about anything else children like to do.  Over the years, Dora the Explorer has been a staple in the lives of boys and girls alike.  She encourages kids to think along with her as she goes on her adventures and explorations with her trusty sidekick, Boots.  Children have always loved being able to play with their favorite tv and cartoon friends, and with these tables and chairs sets they can now do that with Dora.  All of these feature the bright pink and purple colors and Dora's smile that viewers have grown to love.

Where to Find Dora the Explorer Table and Chairs Sets

You can find the tables and chairs found here, as well as all types of Dora the Explorer furniture at retail stores such as Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us.  Many people have grown accustomed to the ability to comparison shop online.  If this is where you fall in, you can find a wide assortment of Dora the Explorer tables and chairs online at places like Amazon and eBay.  While you may have to pay for shipping and handling, at least you will not have to lug the set out to your car and transport it home.  Make sure you understand the return policy for online purchases.  They can sometimes be tricky. 

Square Delta Enterprises Dora the Explorer Table and Chairs Set

Square Dora Table and Chairs SetCredit: amazon.comThere are three things you want most out of your play table and chairs set for your kids.  One, you want it to be bright and colorful since kids definitely want that.  Two, you want it to be useful.  You want your children to be able to sit and work, eat, or play easily and comfortably.  Three, you want it to be sturdy.  Kids can be rowdy, and you do not want to spend a bunch of money on a table that is going to break the first time someone leans on it too hard.  Luckily, this table passes all three tests.  It is bright and colorful, its tabletop area is large enough to be very useful, and it is durable.  There is some assembly required, but in general these types of tables are easy to put together.

Dora the Explorer Round Table and Chairs Set

Round Dora Table and Chairs SetIf you want the usefulness, durability, and bright colors of the square table above, but you want a round table, then this could be the option for you.  This round table comes with a large picture of Dora the Explorer and her friend, Boots.  The two chairs with die-cut backs feature the same two characters.  The only problem will be your kids deciding who gets to sit in which chair.  The reviews on Amazon show that children under two have no problems sitting in the chairs and using the table.




Dora the Explorer Folding Table and Chairs

Folding Dora Table and Chairs SetThis Dora table and chairs set resembles a Dora-themed card table.  The legs of the table fold up as do the two chairs that come with the set.  The chairs and the table have a bright display of Dora and a rainbow.  Of course Boots is with her on the display.  The table measures 24 x 24 inches and is 20 inches tall.  It washes easily with a wet rag, so spills are no trouble.  Perhaps the best feature of this set is that you can easily store it away due to its ability to fold up.  When your child is done with it you can tuck it away in the garage or up in the attic.


Other Dora the Explorer Table and Chairs

These three sets shown here are just a sampling of what is available.  You can find others by shopping in stores or surfing the web.

Other Dora the Explorer Furniture

If you do not need an entire table and chairs set, there is a large selection of Dora chairs to choose from.  These chairs range from saucer chairs for the tiniest Dora fans up to bean bag chairs that can fit teenagers.  If you want to accessorize your child's room with other Dora the Explorer furniture, you can always add a toy organizer with bins.  This will help keep your child's toys and other playthings hidden out of sight when you have company over or when you just simply need to clean up the house. 

Other Kids Furniture

If you want to look for kids furniture featuring other children's characters, some popular options for table and chairs sets are Thomas the Tank Engine and Sesame Street, especially Elmo.  Just like with Dora the Explorer, there are many options to choose from when it comes to these other beloved characters.  There are square table and round tables similar to what is available here.

But if your child loves Dora the Explorer, be sure to check out these and other Dora table and chairs sets.