A great way to introduce Sesame Street furniture to your child's bedroom, play room, or even kitchen is with Elmo table and chair sets.  Elmo, the little red monster with the infectious laugh, has been a fan favorite for years.  Don't ask me what the reason is.  Despite having my own son that loves Elmo, I have never been able to put a finger on what makes him just so popular with kids.  What I enjoy, however, is the Elmo table and chairs set that my son received for his birthday a couple of years ago.  It has been a great place for him to eat, play, and do crafts.  Here are several types of Elmo furniture that you can buy for your home.

Where to Buy Elmo Tables, Chairs, and Other Furniture

You can find Elmo table and chairs sets -- and other furniture -- at places such as Walmart and Bed Bath and Beyond.  If you would like to take a personal look at the furniture before you buy, then these are two shopping areas that you might want to check out.

Many people, however, prefer the convenience of shopping at home.  If this is the case, you can find Elmo furniture online at Amazon, eBay, and the websites of the previously stated retail stores.  Shopping online can help you comparison shop and find a good deal.  Also, you will not have to worry about carrying the furniture home yourself.  Sometimes the shipping and handling charges are worth it when you can have the tables and chairs delivered straight to your door.  Just be sure you understand the return policy of the online store you use.

Sesame Street Elmo 123 Theme Storage Table and Chairs Set

Elmo 123 Storage Table and Chairs SetCredit: amazon.comThe Sesame Street Elmo 123 Storage Table and Chairs Set is the set that my son was given for his birthday.  It has been a wonderful addition to our home for the last couple of years.  My son received it when he turned 2 and he still uses it today.  It is the perfect size for a toddler.  He has no trouble eating at this table.  We keep it in the kitchen, and whenever we are not all eating together at the dining room table, he loves to eat at this Elmo table.  The actual table is shaped like the face of Elmo, with the letters ABC followed by the numbers 123.  The table has a storage bag in the middle of it that can be accessed by removing a tile in the middle of the table.  This is a great place to keep things like Play-Doh, markers, and crayons.  The chairs have a similar style with the backs shaped like Elmo's head.  Whenever my son's friends come over, they spend a lot of time at this table drawing and playing.  And while these chairs certainly are not optimum for an adult, it is not too uncomfortable for me to sit when my son wants me to eat with him.  This Elmo table and chairs set is a good buy.

Sesame Street Square Table and Chairs Set Featuring Elmo

Square Elmo Table and Chairs Sesame Street SetCredit: amazon.comThis Elmo table and chairs set is similar to the one above, but it has a square tabletop.  It also does not have the storage basket underneath the center of the table.  However, it also includes the face of Elmo on the chairs.  The tabletop features other Sesame Street characters including Cookie Monster, Grover, and Big Bird.  Sesame Street is such an integral part of many kids' lives that this table will surely be a popular one in the kitchen, bedroom, or play room.

Sesame Street Chair Desk

Sesame Street Elmo Chair DeskCredit: amazon.comThis neat little Sesame Street Chair Desk is perfect for kids to color, write, do homework, and eat.  They can also watch tv or play video games while sitting in this desk chair.  The advantage of having this chair is that it does not take up as much room as a full table and chair set.  The seat feature the face of Elmo which kids will love, and the sides are decorated with other Sesame Street friends such as Cookie Monster, Zoe, and Oscar the Grouch.  Two cool features make this chair worth considering.  First, it has a pull-out drawer underneath the seat, making for excellent storage room.  Paper, pens, glue, and any other supplies that a child might need at a desk can easily be kept here.  Second, the desk has a built in cup holder which, of course, can hold drinks, but it also can be used to keep writing utensils handy.

Elmo Marshmallow Giggle and Shake Chair

Elmo Marshmallow Giggle and Shake ChairCredit: amazon.comThe Elmo Marshmallow Giggle and Shake Chair is more than just a kids chair.  This interactive piece of kids furniture makes sounds and vibrates whenever someone sits in it.  But don't worry, you can turn him off when he gets a little too annoying.  The fabric is washable, and the chair can hold up to 100 pounds.  Two "C" batteries are required to make this Elmo chair work.  The arms of the chair even resemble the outstretched arms of Elmo, creating even more excitement and interaction with the little user.

Other Table and Chairs Sets Perfect for Small Children

Elmo table and chairs sets are not the only pieces of furniture that you can buy that feature popular television characters.  You children can also enjoy eating and playing at tables featuring Thomas the Tank Engine, Dora the Explorer, and others.  All of these create an environment for your kids that is more exciting than a regular table.  In my experience, anything that can get a child to the table to do whatever it is that they need to do is a good thing.  With a television character themed table, your child will look forward to sitting down to eat, or doing their homework, or playing with their friends.  When your kid just simply wants to sit and relax, Elmo table and chairs sets can be just the thing that gets them to settle down, and that is something we can all agree is something to look forward to.