Popular Facebook Viruses

Social Networking is a big part of most everyone's life especially in America whether its blogging sites, Twitter, or Facebook most people are active social networkers, but since there has been websites there has been viruses and people trying to scam you into making themselves money or destroying your computer and possibly taking your valuable information like credit cards and social security numbers so I would like to give some examples of the many viruses that you could encounter while using these social networking programs  so you are aware of what to avoid so your computer can be safe.


This is currently the most popular Facebook virus to date: 

koobface virus


Second example: I am trapped on a small island and I need money desperately ASAP will you please transfer me money so i can survive do so immediately"



Third example: a window opens up or you receive a message that says your profile is having technical difficulties and needs troubleshooting before crashes



Fourth example: You see an ad or message that says "change your life today don't wait try working from home and make thousands of dollars like me off our products"



Fifth example: a person you are not familiar with adds you as a friend is a potential virus threat 



Sixth example: links that say things like "I caught you on secret cam" "is this really you" and once you have clicked the link from the video it will give you instructions on downloading the appropriate viewer for the video which allows access to your computer and downloads files that will infect it.



Theses are all deadly viruses that can harm your social networking program, your friends, and hurt your wallet so pay close attention with your messages, friends, and posts so you stay clear of viruses and so you can't enjoy your networking.



How to deal with these incoming virus attacks

*Change your password monthly 

*Do not use any words on your profile that have your password in it

*Dont assume your computer is okay and the basic software will detect viruses

*Everytime you are finished using your Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr make sure you logout instead of just closing the window or browser

*Read Facebook's very own security page for information and daily updates on what to expect and avoid

*Never click on an unknown link especially one that ends in .EXE

*Avoid ads and banners that link to other websites

*If a message from your friend does not sounds like them verify before you continue communicating

*Tell friends so they know and see if they know about any new viruses because they ae created daily.


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