Heat Treatment for Wood Preservation

With the recent awareness for living green, more and more people are turning to heat treatments to protect their lumber rather than the traditional chemical treatments. While not always as effective, it is non-toxic and better for the wood. By treating lumber with heat, its fibres become less appetizing to many wood-eating insects. As well, heat treatments will reduce the amount of moisture found in the wood, preventing it from becoming warped and deformed and making it more weather resistant.

Post Weld Heat Treatment

Post Weld Heat Treatment, or PWHT, is a common use of heat in industrial settings. When a piece of metal or machinery has been welded, it is important to follow up with a PWHT in order to relieve the stress that has been put on the metal during weldment. After the metal has been welded, that same metal is then heated again to a temperature just below that of the welding temperature. It is kept at this temperature for a specific amount of time and is then gradually and very slowly cooled down. This process will help relieve stress on the metal caused by changing density and chemical balances, ultimately preventing any cracking or breakage later on.

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Critter Control

Heat Treatment to Kill Bed Bugs

With the recent comeback of the dreaded bed bugs, it seems that these pesky critters are becoming more resistant to the typical pesticides used to kill them. With this being the case, people are now turning to new methods for ridding their homes of these unwelcome pests. Heat treatments have become very popular for killing bedbugs. They seem to be effective, non-toxic, and you don’t have to put a tent over your house while it is filled with toxic fumes. People are choosing methods such as steaming their carpets and baseboards, as well as putting their furniture in high temperature heat chambers. With these new non-toxic heat treatments, you can sleep and breathe easy.

Heat Treatment for Cancer Patients

Healthcase & Healing

Heat Therapy for Joint and Muscle Pain

We all know that heat helps our aching muscles and joints, which is why heat therapy is such a popular method of healing for the body. Ranging from things like heating pads, to hot cloths and ultrasounds, heat treatments are proving to be very effective in relieving muscle and joint pain and tension. Heat has very therapeutic qualities such as reducing overall pain, and relieving muscle spasms and stiff joints. So whatever method you choose for your pain, you can trust that heat therapy will work wonders for you.

Heat Therapy for Cancer Patients

Heat therapy for cancer patients is being closely studied and considered as a possible standard form of treatment for various forms of cancer. Currently heat therapy is being used to help enhance the performance of regular cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation by exposing the patient’s body, or parts of the body to high temperatures. As well, heat therapy is being used to reduce pain and infection in cancer patients by applying heat to those parts of the body that need it.