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I want to share why I feel Forums are an asset to growing Internet Writers and why Forums in general are a great free resource to meet with like-minded people. Whether you want to share information or learn more about a specific topic, Forums are filled with people who are asking questions, answering question or simply starting discussions about their favorite topic. You can learn so much by simply reading the questions, answers and discussions too.

I'm going to share with you three Forums I have used throughout the years and by being a an active member within these Forums I've learned so much. These three Forums have thousands of active members who enjoy good banter while helping and learning from others.

Because this article is written using the Infobarrel platform, the first Forum I would suggest you become a member of is the Infobarrel Forum. The Infobarrel Forum has thousands of active members who help each other. The Infobarrel members sign into their accounts daily and post hundreds of questions, answers and hold meaningful discussion. Topics range from: Announcements, Article Reviews, Bugs & Ideas, Contests & Challengers, Grammar Police, Help, Introductions, Off Topic and Tips & Tricks. Also the Forums allow you to post topics to talk about such as: hobbies, crafts, auto, shopping, money savings tips, how to sell Amazon products, earning money online and so much more. Join Infobarrel, become a member and jump into the Forums to meet up with like-minded people.

If you want to learn more about earning money online, Internet Marketing and how to better SEO, the Infobarrel Forum members are more than happy to help people who want to help themselves.

Popular Internet Forums

The next Forum I want to share with you is Hubpages. The Hubpage Forum is where I learned about Infobarrel. I was seeking out people who wrote at Revenue Sharing Websites and one of its members directed me to the Infobarrel website. I write online to earn revenue and wanted to grow and expand and joining the Hubpages Forum helped me meet people who use dozens of Revenue Sharing Websites. I sign in to the Hubpages Forum weekly and I now find myself helping Forum members with what they are seeking information on. It's a win-win for everyone. Hubapages Forum has thousands of members too. Topics range from: The Hubbers Hangout - Go off topic to discuss whatever you like, Arts & Designs, Autos, Books, Literature & Writing, Business and Employment, Education and Science, Entertainment, Family & Parenting, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Cooking, Games, Toys & Hobbies, Gender & Relationships, Health, Holidays & Celebrations, Home, Personal Finance, Pets & Animals, Politics & Social Issues, Religion & Beliefs, Sports & Recreation, Technology and Travel & Places.

The next Forum I want to share with you is new as of August 2010 but the website has been around for a little while. Snipsly has thousands of members and now they have implemented a new and upcoming Forum. Thrilled I was when I realized a website I was already a member of was adding a place for their members to become even more active while signed into their websites. Adding a Forum to their already successful website, I feel will only make their website more popular than ever and probably will attract new members to their online community. Creating a place for their members to ask questions, answer questions and start discussions was a very smart move by Snipsly. So all I can say is that I am looking forward to watching Snipsly's Forum grow and expand into something huge over time.

If you're seeking out Forums to meet up with like-minded people, becoming a member of popular Internet Forums I mention here you will be impressed. Each Forum offers something different but becoming a member with a selective few popular Internet Forums is all you need to link up with whom you want to link up with and keep in mind that all the Forums I discuss here are free to join. Enjoy.