Most Mexican island destinations holds boundless quantities of spectacular natural beauty. Numerous islands are able to offer exotic honeymoons, fantastic wildlife and entertaining bars. Underneath are five different islas in Mexico, from the astonishing Baja California to the fantastic Gulf of Mexico.

The Marietas Islands, Jalisco
The remarkable Marietas Island string is found in Banderas Bay, next to a town named Puerto Vallarta. This spectacular volcanic island group is a big bird haven. You'll find approximately 85 kinds of avian species. This island chain is regarded as a nature addicts wonderland. This group of islands also has remarkable scuba diving experiences. The recommended time of the year to come and experience this group of islands is going to be between the months of December and February, when you can easily watch the phenomenal migration of various species of whales, that get away from Alaska to actually come and play in these particular island destinations. The only method for sightseers to go to these beautiful small islands is by means of a trusted tour operator seeing as the island destinations are protected.

Holbox island, the Yucatan Peninsula
Holbox island can be found to the north of the really popular vacation spot often referred to as Cancun. This fabulous and relaxed Mexican island enjoys gorgeous exotic shorelines rife with entertaining taverns, quite a lot of dining establishments and as well as remarkable hotel accommodations. Adventure seekers arrive here from throughout the globe with the intention to experience some diving, however the primary tourist attraction will be the whale sharks that passes by here in incredible numbers in order to feed in these breathtaking oceans. You'll find a few coaches which departs from Cancun routinely for Chiquila, a very small fishing community where you are able to ride a ferry boat to the phenomenal Holbox island.

Espiritu Santo, Sea of Cortez
The breathtaking Espiritu Santo island can be found in the Southern part of the Baja Peninsula, not too far from a tiny mexican community normally known as La Paz. Mexican places such as this island destination is a terrific nature reserve that showcases fabulous crimson cliffs, hot deserts and as well as distinctive ocean inlets. Swim in the waters with dolphins, spend some time in the desert and also take a variety of photos of the spectacular views. September may be the most chosen time of year for traveling the island. The only overnight accommodation on this Mexican island is Baja Camp, a very comfortable camp. The island of Espiritu Santo is usually a few hours away via ferry boat from the close holiday town, La Paz.

Isla Mujeres, Yucatan Peninsula
Isla Mujeres is found roughly 9 miles from the shoreline of the remarkable Mujeres Bay. You could find astonishing coral beach locations, relaxed waters together with brilliant snorkeling which could be what tends to make this specific island a great place for holidays for honeymooners. The climate is flawless from October straight through to April. Coaches will transport you from tourist destinations for instance Cancun straight to the shoreline of Mujeres bay the place where ferry boats will take vacationers to the stunning island destination.

Cozumel island, Yucatan Peninsula
Cozumel island is found a few miles to the south the internationally acclaimed Cancun in the fantastic Caribbean Waters. It's always a preferred region with scuba divers attributable to their amazing coral reefs. the island of Cozumel has expanded into an important holiday island and watching the Carnaval festival here is really marvelous. Quite a few boats transport holidaymakers from the breathtaking nearby town which is often known as Playa del Carmen to Cozumel island.