The most popular pizza restaurant's in NYC could be a claim that some may wish to challenge. There are many authentic Italian pizza establishments in this great city that would rival any, anywhere. Ask a handful of NYC residents and they may wish to talk about their favorite pizza that was so cheesy and lathered with the best thinly sliced meats, onions, peppers and mushrooms, baked to perfection and eaten passionately. Actually, practically everyone would love to expound on this topic: one of America's favorite meal.

  1. Totonno’s Pizzeria Napolitano. This family owned business founded in the 1920’s on Coney Island is the first on our carefully thought out list of the most popular pizza restaurants in NYC. An authentic brick oven pizza with the freshest of ingredients will satisfy your pizza craving and send you away with fond memories. They offer an extensive menu form pizza and calzone toppings to homemade Italian pastas. 462 2nd Avenue, (212) 213-8800.
  2. Motorino East Village Pizza Restaurant. Pies with puffed up edges, spotted with brown speckles of salty baked cheese surrounding an inner bowl of melted Mozzarella, greasy pepperoni and tasty herb, tomato sauce with the aroma that will send quivers up your spine. Sit down and enjoy a delicious feast here with friends and family at this popular New York City pizza restaurant.349 East 12th Street, (212) 777-2644.
  3. Lombardi’s Pizzeria. Coal oven-baked pies from one of NYC’s first original Italian pizza parlors. Enjoy a variety of soda, wine and brewed beverages as you wait with stomach prodding for a tantalizing lunch or dinner. This is an outstanding New York City pizza restaurant as far as tasty meals and original hospitality is concerned. The outdoorsy baking smells will send you--as you enter the handsome establishment and throb with expectations for a meal that satisfies and comforts. 32 Spring Street, (212)941-7994.
  4. Patsy’s East Harlem Pizzeria Joint. This part of NYC is filled with enduring history and passion-filled stories to ingratiate and challenge. It’s nice to have a choice of a slice or whole pie. If you are in the area or wish to make a long trek in--Patsy’s Pizzeria will always be unexpectedly pleasing to the taste buds and give such a homey feel that you will surely tell others about it. Stick around to enjoy many of the other places that Harlem has to offer--night and day. 2287 East 1st Avenue, (212) 534-9783.
  5. John’s Pizzeria in Times Square. This popular Times Square establishment has a gorgeous, swirling staircase that leads to the second floor. The dining room is regal and spacious with a gigantic mural of New York's cityscape. The deliciously prepared brick-oven pizzas are the best in town--to many. There is nothing compared to having your favorite food in the whole wide world while gazing at stained glass artful windows in a historic church that is filled with religious worship vibrations and lots of good Karma. What a great idea to experience a popular New York City pizza restaurant here. 260 West 44th Street, (212) 391-7560.