Look no further if you are searching for vegetarian restaurants in NYC. They have the world’s top organic, kosher-prepared and delicious vegetarian fare in existence. Jump out of your steakhouse and seafood restaurant box and find a new lifestyle that is charming, pleasant and so very healthy.

  1. Candle 79 NYC’s Vegan Oasis. Keep coming back for more of the generous offerings from this green and sustainable restaurant. The organic wine and sake bar will send your soul souring before the guiltless dining begins. This is an ancestor of Sunny’s health food store and juice bar where they lit candles as a nightly ritual, evoking a peaceful and compassionate atmosphere, taking on a life of its own. Select from an array of seasonal organic produce finely crafted into delicious and health-filled meals to satisfy your stomach and nurture your spirit. Grilled seitan chimichurri with red pepper chili and horseradish cream, vegetable-quinona nori rolls with avocado wasabi, tamari-ginger sauce and chipotle aioli—these are a some of their impeccable vegetarian dinner menu choices. What a creative and inspirational place to take your date and impress them with your caring and sensitive side. Candle 79 NYC's Vegan Oasis: 154 East 79th St. New York, NY 10021.
  2. Buddha Bodai Vegetarian Restaurant and Kosher Cuisine. If you are seeking a relaxing and enjoyable guilt-free vegetarian restaurant, look no further. Try the vegetarian lobster in black bean sauce or braised melon with golden mushroom sauce for the main course. Appetizers can spark your hunger for more with BBQ vegetarian meat or seaweed sesame roll. The spinach and corn thick soup is visually presented as an I-Ching, Tai Chi symbol and will put you in a Zen zone while it cools. Buddha Bodai Vegetarian Restaurant and Kosher Cuisine: 5 Mott St. New York, NY 10013.
  3. Caravan of Dreams Organic Vegan Cuisine. You will start to feel healthier and more vibrant just by walking into this all vegan, organic and kosher certified establishment founded in 1991. Experience the ever-evolving community experience that this restaurant offers through live music, artfully appealing plating and tasty food that is healthy and beyond belief. If you want to experiment with vegan or vegetarian life choices, this is the place to formulate the type of standards and freedom that your destiny can find and flourish. This food place is an exciting music venue that stages professional and amateur artists in an intimate atmosphere. This is the perfect first, second or third date choice that will easily conjure up a romantic and happy ending to a well chosen evening. Their juice and smoothie menu is aimed at presenting a nutritious and yummy mixture that explodes with flavor. Come in to try the brunch, dinner or lunch that is created specifically for your successful and fulfilling destiny. Caravan of Dreams Organic Vegan Cuisine: 405 East Sixth St. New York, NY 10009.
  4. Zen Palate Fusion Fare Restaurant. When the owners are passionate about creating a tranquil atmosphere, vibrant and fresh vegetarian dishes and exceptional service, there can be no better choice than this NYC restaurant. Their impeccable standards for choosing from over 60 different fresh plants and produce has been in existence for more than twenty years. The chefs are specifically trained in vegetarian cuisine and masterfully craft such dishes as moo shu fantasia, Temple of Zen and sizzling medallions: a crispy wheat gluten filet drenched in orange sauce with sizzling mushrooms, asparagus and red onions. Banana bliss and molton hot chocolate cake will gleefully jump out at you from the dessert menu as you consider the rest of this romantic evenings options with your sexy partner or fully pleased date. Zen Palate Fusion Fare Restaurant: 663 Ninth Ave. at 46th St. New York, NY 10036.
  5. The Organic Grill. They are fully committed to bringing you the freshest organic and sustainable food that money can buy. Local farmers, growers and food artisans deal with this health conscious establishment, keeping the green and good-living mode in perpetual motion. Affordable and fun, their motto is “You don’t have to be wealthy to eat healthy!” The Organic Grill: 123 1st Ave., New York, NY 10003, (212) 477-7177. 
  6. Red Bamboo. This vegetarian restaurant focuses on unique and creative cuisine using the finest of ingredients. With a global ethnic flare--one could feast on thoughtfully prepared: Cajun Soul chicken, Caribbean spiced seitan, Italian eggplant parmesan hero and Cantonese black bean sauce and chili ginger glazed stir fry. Red Bambo: 140 West 4th Street, (212) 260-7049.
  7. Angelica Kitchen. Organic seasonal vegan and vegetarian fare served up in this tranquil East Village restaurant brings in locals and visitors, alike. Eclectic menus with a bit of humor boasts raw splendorous creations like butternut squash, carrots and daikon strands with Thai tahini sauce and lemon, dill garnish accents called “Thai Mee Up”. Large sandwiches, generous salads and vegetarian sushi, makes this place a definite go to for many occasions. Angelica Kitchen: 300 E. 12th Street, New York, NY 10003, (212) 228-2909.