The advent of popular online clothing stores has revolutionized shopping for millions of women – and men. Once upon a time, if you lived outside one of the major metropolitan areas, you were doomed to choose from the frumpy and often expensive clothes offered by your local small stores, or you had to buy from dowdy print catalogs which offered such limited ranges that there was barely any choice at all. Now the whole clothes shopping scene has changed, with thousands of wonderful online stores competing for your clothing dollar, offering everything from work clothing to the hautest of haute couture.

Lands' End
Popular Online Clothing Stores - Lands' EndCredit: www.landsend.comOne of the earliest entrants into the online market was Lands' End, which had based its business model on print catalogs, and swiftly made the transition to online. Lands' End has created a whole genre of classic, mainly casual clothing. Their clothes are smart, excellent quality, designed to offer a range of fit options to suit even the most difficult shape, in bright colors, and highly focused on the outdoor, active life. Lands' End also has very wearable clothing for day to day and for the office. Offering clothes for men, women and children, the site is easy to use with plenty of emphasis of getting the right size, as well as frequent bargain offers. It's the Go To destination for the country dweller who's looking for something smart and practical, which is pretty well guaranteed to fit. The Lands' End site features live text chat with a customer service person to help with decision making.

Victoria's Secret
Popular Online Clothing Stores - Victoria's SecretCredit: www.victoriassecret.comVictoria's Secret is the one clothing company all men have heard of. It has become synonymous with sexy lingerie, sleepwear and swimwear, and that's pretty well what Victoria's Secret is all about. Its online store is a great destination for men who are clothes shopping for gifts for wives and girlfriends – at least that's what they say when it comes up on their favorites list! Seriously, it's about more than just the beautiful models; Victoria's Secret has the kind of pretty and alluring scanties which women actually choose for themselves. Plenty of help is available with sizing for the bewildered male, and there is invaluable fitting information for bra sizing, a stumbling block for many women.

Popular Online Clothing Stores - Net-A-PorterCredit: is renowned for its huge range of up scale fashion brands, and the choice it offers is almost bewildering. Fashionistas hang out on Net-A-Porter to swoop on bargains from the likes of Calvin Klein, La Perla, Jimmy Choo, Vera Wang, Givenchy and many, many more. The most stellar names in fashion can be found here, with every category of clothing and accessory to choose from. The site is a real thief of time; a quick visit can turn into an afternoon of luxurious and indulgent browsing. Net-A-Porter offers advice on styles and trends, as well as having its own fashion magazine, which you can read on your ipad. Prices are firmly high end, but bargains can be found, especially if you don't mind being a month or two off the fashion pace.

Popular Online Clothing Stores - L.L.BeanCredit: www.llbean.comBack down to earth, another favorite on line store which offers clothing as well as a host of sports related items is L L Bean. This site definitely caters to the huntin' shootin' and fishin' brigade, and there are a lot of them. It's the premier location to turn to when you are looking for just about any activity which take place outdoors, and it also has a wide range of folksy items which can generally be described as, “what to wear when you're at the cabin this weekend.” The range is wide, and the quality is good. L L Bean will never be a fashion leader, but for the outdoors type, it offers the Holy Grail of what to wear.
Trudging round stores trying on one thing after another is really a thing of the past. Fine if you enjoy it and have the time, but people with limited time, or people who live in out of the way places, don't always have that dubious luxury. One thing, though, which is very important when buying on line is to be sure you follow the sizing advice. Most companies have generous returns policies, but sending packages backwards and forwards is nobody's idea of fun, so try to get sizing right first time. With a wealth of popular online clothing stores to choose from, no-one ever need be at a loss to find exactly the right thing to wear ever again.