The popular paint colors for 2013 are going to be a lot different from what the popular colors are in fashion. In some years these are really close together. This year though Pantone chose an emerald green tone. I don't think that it will be used that much as a wall color so here are my psychic decorating predictions for what I think will be used a lot this year.

Pantone's Top Color of the Year for 2013

I don't think that emerald will be popular as a wall color because it is so dramatic. It’s beautiful on table linens but will make most rooms feel too small. Plus, I think people are a little bit sick of green in decorating because sage and hunter have been so popular in previous decades. Usually, the fashion color reports will contain coordinating palettes that will work for most anyone. This year there were colors like Linen, Nectarine, and African Violet. Tender Shoots is almost a lime green tone and I can see it as an accent wall color. The grayed jade tone has a sage green hue that some people may want to bring back.

The Most Use Tone: Distressed and Weathered Wood Tones

Distressed and Weathered Wood Tones
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This weathered gray look is my favorite furniture color but I'd use it as a wall color too.

Social Media Influencing Home Decor

So if the popular wall colors aren't going to come from Pantone this year, where will we get them? I think these will come from both blogs and Pinterest. So, if you want a trendy wall color look to Pinterest first.

This is why I predict that gray will yet again be a popular wall color this year. It's all over Pinterest and it's becoming more of a common choice than it has been in years past. I'm also including greige in this category (gray plus beige). Dark charcoal tones will take the place of the black and chocolate brown wall colors that were previously popular.

The Best for Small Rooms - Cottage Paint Colors

This is a style that I've noticed at stores that don't even carry it usually such as Horchow. Cottage paint colors are usually white but pale lavender may finally get the use that it deserves this year because of the cottage inspiration. You don't want it too pastel if you're using it in a sophisticated living room or a master bedroom. Again, a gray undertone is important but it looks beautiful with glazed furniture.

What about the Actual Bold Colors?

We all know that neutrals are always in style but what if you want to paint your walls an actual color? I would choose a dusty blue in any tone. It’s more cheerful than gray but keeps to the subdued feeling that is popular in design.

This color has been popular for a few years because of the use of chalk paint on furniture. This was usually paired with a neutral wall color but I think in 2013 we’ll see a reverse with some darker tones on the walls with lighter furniture.

Get a Smoky Blue Shade
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This has a farmhouse or a cottage feel. Use lots of distressing so it doesn't feel too modern.

Will One of the Hottest Colors be Red?

The popular colors differ for 2013 depending on whether you're a designer or whether you’re a homeowner. I've read in several places that red will be a big wall color choice this year but I just don’t see it happening. It was popular 5-10 years ago but many homeowners found it difficult to actually apply to the wall and decorate with after. Bring in a few of these tones to instantly update your room!

Would You Use Emerald As a Wall Color?

The Color of the Year is 2013
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I think that you would need lots of coats of paint to use a color this dark so I'd use it on art or fabric.