Easter is a wonderful time of the year to spend with family and friends.  One of the greatest things that kids enjoy during Easter is finding their Easter basket that the Easter bunny hid.  There are a few popular places for the Easter bunny to hide your Easter basket.  Be sure to look in the following places first to find it quickly.


Shower Head: Since most Easter baskets have handles, the bunny may find clever places to hang your basket.  If you are planning to take a shower Easter morning, make sure you look up before you turn on the water.


Oven: As long as you aren’t baking a ham, the oven is a great place to hide your basket.  Check to see if your basket is in there before preheating the oven.


Microwave: Small Easter baskets can be hidden inside the microwave.  This is another popular place the Easter bunny may want to hide your basket.


Cabinets: Most houses have plenty of cabinets where there are many of places to hide an Easter basket.  If you are looking for your basket, be sure to open up all the cabinets to see if its in there.


Under Bed: You may not check the most obvious places for your basket at first.  Looking under your bed is the last place on your mind.  This is one of the reasons why the Easter bunny likes to hide your basket here.


Washer Or Dryer: Before you start a load of laundry on Easter day you may want to check the washer and dryer.  This is a popular place that the Easter bunny likes to hide Easter baskets in many families.


In Your Closet: The Easter bunny may be a sneaky one.  For those of you who think the closet is an easy place to find your basket, aren’t keeping in mind that many people pick out their clothes the night before.  This would prevent someone to even look in their closet on Easter day.


Behind Couch:  Many kids don’t think about looking behind the couch because they can’t move it.  This is why the Easter bunny thinks its a great idea to hide baskets in this tricky place.


In The Car: If you are planning on leaving for Easter, you may be able to easily find your Easter basket hidden in the car.  But if the Easter bunny is as clever as people say, he will probably hide your basket in there if he knows you aren’t going anywhere.


In The Grill: Sometimes the Easter bunny may get hints and hide the baskets in or on objects that the person enjoys using.  Hiding dad’s basket in the grill is a great spot because he would never think to look there.


The Easter bunny has many clever places to hide your Easter basket.  If you are on a mission to find your basket fast, these are a few popular places to look first.  If the Easter bunny hides eggs at your house, these places are good to find your eggs as well.  Let’s hope you find all of them so the eggs don’t get spoiled.

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