Are you taking your first limousine ride to the prom? Knowing which the most popular prom limousines choices are important in deciding which one is right for you. It all depends on how many people are going. Is this limousine a ride for just two, or will you be splitting the cost with a whole entourage of people. Most teens opt for the later due to price. Which every choice you make, you will definitely be making an entrance to this years prom in your choice.

Popular Sedan or SUV Limousines

If it is just the two of you that are heading to the prom and you don’t want the expense of a stretch limo, then this is the perfect choice. You will still have a driver and get treated with the A+ star treatment in a ride that is right for you. These rides usually start out at $15 per person per hour plus gas, and don’t forget to tip the driver.

Popular Antique Limousines

There is still just the two of you, but you have the moolah to go all out. This is a classy way to travel to the prom in pure style. We are talking a Packard, Cadillac, Excalibur, Bentley or Rolls Royce whisking you through town and to the event. Antique or classic limos are very popular and they can be real head turners, and wouldn’t it be great if you’re the one stepping out of one. This is a lot higher at $75 per person per hour, but hey, you got the dough and well it‘s the prom.

Popular Stretch Limousines

These are great for more than two and some of the most popular limousines requested for prom night. Four couples could ride in one of these easily and have plenty of room to party. You will have to decide between a BMW, Chrysler 300, Jaguar, and Lincoln Town car limo just to name a few for your special day. Expect to pay at least $20 per person per hour, but you will need to take a crowd.

Popular Stretch Hummer, SUV, and Exotic Limousines

This is for a large group of 15 or more. Expect to be envied in these astronomically cool limousines. They can be obtained around $10 per person per hour cause everyone is splitting the bill. It can’t get better than a stretch H2 Hummer, Cadillac Escalade, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Lincoln Navigator, or a stretch Ford Excursion limousine now can it.

Now they do make different styles of limousines a lot bigger, but here is where they start looking like a bus. To me, this character takes away from the star appeal. They are popular and stand out in a crowd of vehicles, but they are not prom material So I think any of these choices will most definitely be the top four for the most popular limousines showing up at the prom.

Any time that you rent a limousine for an event, try to book it at least two months in advance. Find out all prices because there usually is a standard rate plus gas. You don’t want any unexpected charges coming off of your card. Bring your own CD or iPod if the limousine has a iPod docking station. Remember that you are being charged for the time the driver has to wait for you. And by all means do not forget to tip him about 20% of what the service cost you.