In the past long distance learning was a joke and any school that offered a degree via a correspondence course was not considered legitimate. The modern world has come a long way from that and even well known brick and mortar colleges are offering online classes. They don't all offer online degrees, but a great deal of them do offer online classes. This is especially true for all of those core classes that students wanting a Bachelor's degree must take. Other than brick and mortar schools, there are several long distance learning colleges that seem to be becoming famous in their own right due to the fact that they are no longer just online but have numerous brick and mortar locations spread out over the United States.

One of these such schools is the University of Phoenix. Anyone who has ever looked up information about getting a college degree online has seen an advertisement or a Google search for this school. Online degrees and the University of Phoenix seem to be almost synonymous. They offer classes and degrees in a large field of expertise such as business, nursing, psychology, health administration, IT and countless others. They offer Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate's degree programs. Their brick and mortar locations grow far beyond Phoenix. Locations include Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Utah and Tennessee. This college has gained popularity throughout the United States as school to earn online degrees. What isn't so well known is that they have been around since 1975 as a local college for those in Phoenix, Arizona.

Another popular school for online degrees is Kaplan University. This college is known for more than just it's online classes but they are growing online by leaps and bounds. The variety of degrees offered is just as great as any other school. Criminal justice, business administration, nursing, paralegal, teaching and a great deal more are offered as Bachelor's degrees. This school is located in Chicago, Illinois and offers only online classes to those in the rest of the United States. The only campus is that in Chicago.

While these are two of the more popular online schools there are countless to choose from when looking into earning online degrees. For those interested in having a large, reputable and well known college on their diploma it is worth looking at that school's website to see if earning your degree online with them is possible.