Woodworking is a craft that has been used for centuries to create fine furniture and jewelry boxes are no exception. History tells us that some of the earliest jewelry boxes were built of wood. In the hands of an expert craftsman or artisan, wood can be turned into a finely fashioned wooden jewelry box with exquisite craftsmanship and ornate design with relative ease. Additionally since woodworking skills are easily learned and wood is a plentiful and cheap raw material that is available to everyone, wooden jewelry boxes have remained the most popular type of jewelry box in existence. Although jewelry boxes have been created out of almost every material known to man, none have replace the timeless beauty of wooden jewelry boxes. Following are some of the most popular types of wooden jewelry boxes created.

Dresser Top Jewelry Boxes:

When you picture a jewelry box in your mind, this is the kind that you probably picture since they are the most popular and traditional kind of wooden jewelry box created. Usually stored in a woman's bedroom on her dresser or nightstand or perhaps on her makeup table, these boxes come in all different shapes, sizes and styles. Although these boxes come in all different configurations, the majority will have a lid that opens with a mirror underneath the lid to aid in dressing. Underneath the lid is usually storage for small items such as earrings, ring rolls for rings and compartments for other small items. Additionally these jewelry boxes usually have an area on the sides or in the middle with hooks where necklaces can be hung such that they do not get tangled together. There may be additional drawers and compartments for added storage and each of these spaces are lined with a soft material such as suede or felt to protect the jewelry from scratching and damage while it is stored.

Jewelry Armoires:

For those ladies with extremely large collections, an extra large jewelry box may be in order and this is where jewelry armoires fit in. Similar in design to a dresser top jewelry box but much larger, these boxes are the size of a small dresser and are usually free standing pieces of furniture with many more drawers, compartments and spaces for a lady's jewelry.

Wall Mounted Jewelry Armoire:

A relatively new entry in the jewelry box realm that is quickly gaining in popularity is the wall mounted jewelry armoire. Similar to a medicine cabinet in size and appearance, these jewelry boxes are mounted to the wall in much the same way. The front of the armoire may consist of a mirror to assist with dressing or could double as a picture frame or picture collage. The insides of these boxes maintain all the amenities that you would expect in a traditional jewelry box including drawers, compartments, ring rolls and hooks for hanging necklaces. These jewelry boxes usually offer a bit more space than a traditional dresser top box and many offer added security through the addition of a lock. There are many advantages to these jewelry boxes: They remove clutter and save space and they excel in providing security since they cannot be easily stolen, offer locking doors and additionally provide security by hiding their purpose when they double as a picture frame or collage. Since most people think of a jewelry box as being a dresser top item, many overlook the fact that a jewelry box could be hidden behind a mirror or picture frame and be mounted to a wall.

Whether you have a large or small jewelry collection, there is a wooden jewelry box that can meet your needs. Dresser top jewelry boxes come in all different sizes, are the traditional choice for most women and are more than sufficient to store the average woman's collection. For those women with extra large jewelry collections, a jewelry armoire may be in order. For women looking to save space, remove clutter or provide a bit or added security to their jewelry collection, then a wall mounted jewelry armoire may be the perfect choice. Whatever your decision, wooden jewelry boxes are timeless, classic and will never be out of fashion and with the various styles, wood types and stains available they have the ability to match any decorative style imaginable.