Thomas the Tank Engine Games are Great for Kids

Thomas the Train is an important part of many a child's life.  From the time that blue train first graced the pages of his first book to the time that he and his friends made their way to the television screen, Thomas has thrilled and entertained many kids.

But when the show goes off, how can your kids enjoy Thomas the Train?  An easy way is with Thomas the Tank Engine games.  Whether it is board games, card games, or online games, there is always a way to have fun and learn with Thomas.

Thomas the Tank Engine Board Games

A multitude of Thomas the Tank Engine games are available.  One of the best is the Thomas and Friends Numbers Game

Thomas the Tank Engine Games - Numbers Game

As its name suggests, it is a game that helps kids learn their numbers.  It also helps with addition as well.  There is a different set of rules for children who are just learning about numbers and for those kids that are more advanced.

Thomas the Tank Engine Card Games

Another option for Thomas the Train games are card games.  There are several to choose from.  The game shown here is the Thomas Great Discovery Card Game, which is a fast paced, card swapping game for kids 3 and over.  Thomas the Tank Engine Games - Discovery Card GameThe cards are jumbo sized and there is no reading required.  The suggested ages are 3 and up, which works because there are 3 different ways to play.  Plus, Stanley is a part of this game.

If you want a more traditional Thomas the Train card game, there is a Thomas & Friends My First Uno Game.  Check out the Amazon links to the side for information on this game.

Thomas the Tank Engine Games Online

For kids that want to play Thomas the Tank Engine games online, the easiest way to find them is by paying a visit to the Thomas & Friends website.  There you will find a multitude of games, broken out by difficulty (easy, medium, and difficult).  Easy games are things like painting an engine, while hard games involve building engines and identifying emotions.

Another popular way to play Thomas the Train games online is by going to Sprout.  Here you can find games similar to what is found on the Thomas & Friends official website.

Thomas the Tank Engine Plug and Play Games

There is also a fun interactive Thomas the Train game that kids can play.  The Jakks Thomas the Tank TV Game plugs directly into the television set so that a young Thomas fan can use a joystick to direct Thomas around the track.

Thomas the Tank Engine Games Plug and Play Jakks TV Game

Where to Find These and Other Thomas the Tank Engine Games

Most of these games can be found at retail stores, such as Toys 'R Us and possibly Walmart and Target.  Another easy method is by checking out the selection of games available online.  This allows you a larger selection to choose from, and helps you avoid the frustration of strolling around a toy store and never finding the game you are needing. 

Whatever your method of purchase, you can look forward to the fun and laughter that will come from your kids as they play these Thomas the Tank Engine games.

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