These Cool Thomas the Tank Engine Toys are Loads of Fun

Ever since Thomas the Train and his friends first burst onto the scene in the Reverend W. Awdry's books, Thomas has been an integral part of the lives of many young children.  Once Thomas made his way to the television screen, the number of his fans exploded, and kids now try to get their hands on as much Thomas products as possible.  Of course, that includes Thomas the Tank Engine toys..

Kids love toys to begin with.  But when you add in their favorite blue train, kids will be thrilled to see what they now have to play with.

Thomas the Tank Engine Electric Train Tracks

Thomas the Train electric train tracks are a very popular choice when it comes to finding the perfect toy.  Many different types of train track are available.  There are some that are very small and simple to use.  These simply have Thomas circling a track.  Others are larger and more complex.  My household has the Zip, Zoom, and Logging Adventure track, which is a lot of fun and keeps my son occupied for a long time.  It also involves decision making for the kids who play with it, as they help Thomas either go to a logging mill or across a zip line. 

Thomas the Tank Engine electric train tracks typically use a battery in a Thomas engine that powers Thomas around the track.  Other battery-powered characters are also available.

Some tracks are wooden and some are plastic, but each is fun and tailored to a specific age group.

Thomas the Tank Engine Games

While not necessarily toys, Thomas the Train games are still a fantastic way for kids to have fun.  There are card games, board games -- including Thomas-themed Uno games -- and plug and play video games.  All help kids learn valuable lessons while enjoying time with friends, family, and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Thomas the Tank Engine Power Wheels

Thomas the Tank Engine Toys - Power WheelsThis Thomas the Train Power Wheels toy will allow kids to zoom around the neighborhood on their favorite tv character.  Designed to look just like Thomas, it can go up to 2 mph on both grass and hard surfaces.

It is great for toddlers because it can be operated by simply pushing a button on the handle bars.  If you have watched a toddler ride on a Power Wheel before you know how much fun they have and how fun it is to watch them play.


Other Thomas the Tank Engine Toys

Other than the toys listed here, there are many, many Thomas toys that you can buy.  There are puzzles, playhuts, and TrackMaster Cranky playsets.  All in all, you will definitely be able to find the right toy for your little one.

Where to Purchase Thomas the Tank Engine Toys

There are a multitude of Thomas the Train toys available at retail stores such as Toys 'R Us.  They can also be purchased online, which helps with comparison shopping and saves time.  So many people like Thomas the Tank Engine toys that you should not have trouble finding what you want.

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