With the advancement in technology today, a lot of people are amazed with the many different options available that make everything so much more convenient. Gone are the days of typewriters and filing cabinets. Today, everything can be accessed with just one click through a computer as well as with the Internet. Now with touch screen monitors, it is even a lot easier to use as it provides comfort to users. When in search for the most suitable monitor for yourself, learn about the different kinds available as well as the most popular touch screen monitors of 2011.

HP Compaq L2105tm

This HP Compaq L2105tm touch screen monitor is one of the most popular in the market, which is a 21.5" widescreen. It provides optical touch technology that is made to acknowledge various inputs instead of just one touch point. This means that you can perform various functions with multiple touch gestures, which also provides quick response. With the HP Compaq L2105tm, you can easily rotate, enlarge, and shrink various documents and even navigate 3D content. This monitor is sleek and is equipped with speakers and a hard stylus. Average retail price is $242.

Dell ST2220

Another one of the popular touch screen monitors is the Dell ST2220, which is a 21.5-inch LCD monitor that comes with stereo speakers. This monitor offers an Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) which links automatically to the computer system with the use of the Display Data Channel (DDC). The purpose of this is for the system to configure on its own and to enhance the settings of the monitor. The installation of the monitor is often automatic, but the user also has the choice of selecting certain settings manually. Average retail price in the market is $300.
Planar PX2230MW Multi-TouchPlanar PX2230MW Multi-Touch is also a popular touch screen monitor that many consumers have purchased. This is a 22-inch widescreen TFT active matrix LCD display with stereo speakers. It offers a full HD resolution with TruMedia speakers. Its optical touchscreen with USB interface acknowledges touch input with a stylus, finger, or gloved hand. Average retail price in the market is $250.

ViewSonic VX2258WM

Offering multi-touch convenience with a big screen display, the ViewSonic VX2258WM is designed with the best Infrared Optical Imaging technology. It is a 22-inch widescreen monitor that offers active matrix LCD display and is equipped with stereo speakers. The ViewSonic VX2258WM has a full HD display that enables you to conveniently move and resize photos, documents, files, and web pages through touch screen. This monitor also offers flexible connectivity and top audio and video quality. It is also convenient to setup with a USB cable. Average retail price is $276.

Planar PT1510MX

One of the highest rated touch screen monitors; the Planar PT1510MX is very cost-effective and recommended for use in a point of sales, retail, and hospitality environment. This 15-inch touch screen monitor can be integrated easily to various applications. It is built with stereo speakers and features 5-wire resistive touchscreen and dual RS-232/USB touchscreen interface. The Planar PT1510MX comes with a desk stand and is also compatible to mounting. Average retail price is $329.

Although it may take time for some to get used to, using a touch screen monitor actually offers a lot of convenience. These monitors look very sleek and take up a lot less space than regular monitors. More importantly, its speed will offer efficiency with work. When thinking of making a purchase, consider these popular touch screen monitors to ensure that you make the best buy most suitable for your needs.