When you hear of winter sports you will definitely think of a sport on a ground covered by either snow or ice. However, not only are the sports played in the cold areas where snow forms naturally but artificial snow and ice grounds are also made and these sports played on them. Actually, the latter grounds are much better for the games because of the flexibility they offer. Moreover, these sports can either be individual based or team sports. Here are some common winter sports.

Ice Skating

This is a sport whom the participants use gliding equipment to move on ice. The equipment provides an alternative propulsion method to the legs. The sport can be carried out on indoor tracks, outdoor tracks or naturally frozen water bodies like lakes. There are different types of ice skating and among them, there is synchronized skating and figure skating. The former involves a large group of athletes (between 8 and 20) who skate simultaneously as a single unit and this is usually done at high speeds. It is a game of professionals. The latter can be performed by either individuals or groups. They do more than just moving on ice by spinning, jumping and other intricate moves on the skates. These two winter sports are found in the Olympics as well.

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This is a sport who is mostly used for recreational purposes, but it is also used in different competitions, including the Olympics. It involves the use of two runners in gliding over snow. In addition, one has to use a pair of boots, which use some binding on the ski. Some of the categories in the sport are alpine skiing and snow kiting. The former is a competitive discipline with its levels of mastery, and it needs the use of fixed-heel bindings. It happens mostly on hills. The latter makes use of a kite to provide the gliding movement, and it is usually carried out on outdoor tracks.

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This is one of the winter sports who one takes part in while seated on a vehicle like device referred to as a sled. This is a sport who requires a sloping terrain because you might not have much propulsion. One of the most common versions of sledding is Luge. It involves the use of a sled that can be used by either one or two people. Steering is achieved by the use the flexing action of the calf of either leg or by use of the shoulder to add pressure on the seat. The sport is also part of the Olympics, and someone can achieve very high speeds of more than 150 Kms/hr while on the sled.

SleddingCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:White_sands_sledding.jpg


In this sport, the athlete uses a board attached to his feet via a pair of boots mounted on the board. The favorable grounds for the sport are steep slopes that are snow covered. It is an activity that was developed as an imitation of winter sports like surfing and skiing. There are several styles with which you can carry out the snowboarding sport. These include jibbing, free riding, free style and free carve.

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