If you're one of those people who abhor working in offices, or if you're between jobs and wondering how to find work at home jobs, you're not alone. These days, many people are choosing to work at home because of the flexibility involved. Stay at home moms might need to find work from home jobs so they can stay with their little ones.

Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of legitimate companies that hire people to work at home. The following positions are the most popular legitimate work at home jobs.

Freelance writer or editor. There are tons of companies that hire freelance to work from home as writers, editors and proofreaders. Reports, brochures, articles, websites, blogs and marketing materials all need people to write, edit and proofread them.

Medical transcriptionist. There are doctors, hospitals and clinics that hire work at home medical transcriptionists to transcribe information. Doctors and other health care professionals speak into recorders, and then medical transcriptionists type what they hear into reports.

Customer service representatives. Credit card companies, hotels and other companies that have 24/7 customer service hire people to work from home and provide service to people who call their 800 numbers.

Google. Yes, Google actually has legitimate work at home opportunities for people who can be "Google Ads Quality Raters." Competition is fierce, so if you have a college degree and experience on the web, your chances are better.

Online teaching. Places like Kaplan hire teachers for their online classes. The industry of online college degrees is booming, and there are plenty of opportunities for teachers to work at home for these colleges.

Virtual assistant. Small businesses, real estate agents, authors, lawyers and doctors often hire virtual assistants. These work at home assistants make phone calls, do internet research, send and answer email and do many things that any other assistant does, except they telecommute.

The most important things to remember when you are looking for work at home jobs are the following:

1. Treat your work from home job search as you would any other job search. Create a professional resume custom tailored to the job you want. 

2. Avoid scams by never paying up front for any types of material or software. An employer should always provide these things for you. Not every company provides free training, but you should never have to pay for it, either. 

3. Insist on making your work from home job a priority. Set time to work and always stick to a schedule. It's very easy to get off track when you're working your own hours; make sure that this doesn't happen to you by making a schedule and staying with it no matter what. 

The working at home lifestyle isn't for everyone. It takes a lot of hard work -- maybe even more work than a normal office job.  For many people, however, the benefits outweigh the risks.