With the iPhone becoming increasingly popular, game producers have tried to capitalize on this phenomenal growth. Played on an iPhone, these games give users a whole new experience of gaming because of the multi touch screen. If you just got an iPhone or iPod touch, this list would definitely give you a starting place to discover great games. This article looks at the some of the most popular iPhone games to date.

1. Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump

This game is a classic. Doodle Jump has sold over a million copies and is still one of the most talked about game on the iPhone. This game was actually developed based on another game called PapiJump. Doodle Jump is the enhanced version of the PapiJump game as different colors of the platform mean different things.

2. Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombies (30518)

This game is developed by PopCap. It is a tower defence game, where you have to protect yourself from the invasion of zombies. A number of plants are available to help defend you base such as Pea Shooters or Cherry Bombs. The towers have different strengths and powers to help in your strategy. This game strikes a balance between strategy and simplicity which makes it a popular game. It is a must for game addicts as you would be hooked on to this game.

3. Space Invaders Infinity Gene

space invaders

This is a modern version of the classic Space Invaders game. It gives the game a fresh and new look and brings back memories about the classic game. There are many unlockables in this game, making users hooked on to it.

4. Pac Man Champion Edition

Pac Man

This game was developed by the original Pac Man designer. This game gives a new life to the classic Pac Man game. With high quality graphics and many game modes, this is the best version of Pac Man to be designed.

5. Need for Speed Shift


Designed by EA, this game brings the much loved Need for Speed series to the iPhone. They develop the best racing games and this one on the iPhone is one of the best in the category. There are many different game modes and levels. The graphics in this game is also amazing as it has so much detail built into it even for a small device. This choice would be suitable for gaming enthusiasts as it gives them a portable version of a racing car game.

Those are the best iPhone games in my opinon. The iPhone has definitely revolutionised the world of gaming. Of course there are many other great games available that didn't make it to this list. Please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section below if you think a particular iPhone game should be added to the list.