Visiting Honduras is surprisingly economical and offers you a large amount of breathtaking places to see like jungles, stunning isles and mayan villages. Have a look at my wide variety of extraordinary vacation spots and learn more about Honduras.

The community of Copan Ruinas

Copan Ruinas is a gorgeous small town next to the exquisite Copan Mayan ruins. Copan Ruinas provides incredible cobblestone roads, extremely colorful properties together with a ton of greenery and polite Mayan people. This is now one of my favored vacation spots in the Americas. Cheap hotels are everywhere. In simple terms, it is actually the sort of town you will fall madly in love with and never hope to leave.

Utila island

The island of Utilia is most definately the most desired place inside Honduras. It is actually a member of the Bay Islands and is smaller sized and significantly more cheaper when in contrast to the nearby island of Roatan. It is continuously announced as the lowest priced spot for you to complete the PADI Open Water Diver qualification on earth. Diving courses on Utila island happen to be a superb deal, regularly including easily affordable hotels and the best scuba diving across the world. Even if you're not much of a scuba diver, you can still love the island of Utilia because of the reasonably priced cuisine, alcoholic beverages and even fun activities.


This beautiful place is found on the breathtaking Caribbean shoreline, and contains quite a few Garifuna towns. This region provides a large amount of overall appeal amd is starting to be a prominent tourist destination.

Roatan island

The tropical island of Roatan is the largest sized Bay Island destination and is acclaimed for their upscale places to stay. Even so, budget tourists will still have quite a lot to see and do. This place is truly one of the best things about Honduras.

The tropical rainforests of La Moskitia

La Moskitia is in fact the largest sized tropical jungle in Central America and encompasses the a lot of the eastern regions of Honduras. People have been dropping by La Moskitia for years, it is still rather undervisited. Typically because of the lousy infrastructure. Dropping by La Moskitia is usually costly however staying here is worth the expense.

La Ceiba

La Ceiba happens to be a fantastic place on the Eastern shore with amazing beach destinations and a spectacular night life. Ferry boats also depart here to the neighboring Bay islands. Many fabulous activities tends to make the place a terrific destination to visit..

The metropolis of San Pedro Sula

The place is often a fast paced and stylish spot. The metropolitan area offers huge stores, trading markets, galleries, and plenty of visitors attractions in nearby regions.

Cayos Cochinos island

The spectacular Cayos Cochinos are considered to be one of the world renowned Bay Islands. The Cayos Cochinos islands features two gigantic island destinations and a bunch of smaller islands. One of those, Chachauate Key, has got standard places to stay, but nevertheless the surroundings are incredibly astonishing.

The small town of Omoa

There There honestly isn't a whole lot for you to do in the fishing community known as Omoa, on the contrary in case you would like peace or maybe a town to go to right before going into Guatemala then this small town is the best place. It really is widely known for their incredible Spanish castle, which is called San Fernando.


This is an extremely chilled out urban center that is established in the northern regions of Tegucigalpa. This place consists of the best Spanish colonial architectural structures here in Honduras, and even the eldest clock tower in South and Central America.