Pornography can devastate a Marriage

There have been several families and friends of the family that have suffered divorces because of pornography addiction. Some of the divorces were for other reasons; however, in some cases the addiction to pornography and the consequences of the addiction have been an issue. The pain and adversities that go along with pornography can cause a big strain in a marriage. Those who have viewed pornography in the past know that the viewing of pornography leads to the habitual viewing of pornography. This habitual addiction grows and grows until the habit is out of control.

Pornography often shows activity that is not usually involved with normal sexual practices between two individuals. Men get aroused sexually differently than woman do. Some men may view pornography on a video, the internet, or even a magazine to get stimulated. Most women will have some emotional stimulation involved along with the sexual stimulus. Most women need more than just sexual stimulation. Women also need to feel needed, loved, and safe prior to being aroused sexually. For most women pornography does not fulfill this need. This is where men and women clash in the area of viewing pornography for stimulation as a couple. Psychologist view pornography as signal of some other issues that are deep inside the pornography addict. Men must consider receiving professional assistance if pornography is getting between himself and his marriage partner.

Consider Jake who was found to be very upset because he found everything that he owned out in the front of his property. Jake is a 9-5 worker who told the story of what had happened in his life. One weekend Jake's wife's mother came to their home to visit. His wife's mother was a marriage counselor, and was explaining how she had gone through the experience of seeing many marriages destroyed because of pornography. Jake's wife's mother discussed the fact that men that viewed pornography began to be repulsed by their wives' looks, and usually grew cold in their approach to sex with their wives. Jake's wife approached him after the mother went back home. Jake's wife began to explain to Jake that the signs that the mother discussed with her were being experienced in their marriage. Jake began to try to persuade his wife that he did not view pornography, however, due to his wife's persistence Jake broke down and confessed his addiction. Jake and his wife's relationship began to go downhill. Jake was not even allowed to sleep in the same bedroom with his wife. One day when Jake arrived at home he was locked out of the house.

Jake finally admitted that his affections had been slipping for his wife due to his strong drawing towards pornography. Jake admitted that he was losing not only admiration for his wife, but also his respect for her. Pornography may seem to start out harmless, however the long term effects are dangerous.