The Great And Well Known Koss Porta Pro Headphones

These headphones are more than 25 years old and they are almost unchanged. That shows that Koss made an excellent product that didn't need changing for over 25 years. These headphones are still great even to today's standards. They may not be as great as most DJ or studio headphones but for the average music enthusiast, they are perfect. I'm telling you, I have a $150 sound system in my room and I do feel like these headphones sound richer and are more accurate, but that is just my opinion.

     The sound of the Porta Pros is clear, quite rich and I have found absolutely no distortion. My favorite part of these headphones is definitely the bass. It's got deep punchy and steady bass that feels right into your head. The mids sound very natural making vocals , especially female vocals sound fantastic. The highs are not as good as the mids but they are definitely present and in the mix but they aren't in your face and they aren't messing with the rest of the frequency range. The sound is definitely worth more than $30.

     The Porta Pros are very portable and comfortable, I've often found myself falling asleep with them on only to find out that i have no more battery left in the morning. They might be a little fragiile, but if you're not gonna throw them all around your room, they shouldn't break. I often yanked them and once even stepped on them accidentally but nothing happened. Even if you DO break them, Koss has a no questions asked lifetime waranty so you can just return them and get a new pair. One thing that you might not like, is that your hair might get stuck in them once in a while. It's easy to get it back out but it can become a bit annoying over time. The other thing that you might not like is the design. As I said they are more than 25 years old so the design is a bit retro. A lot of people don't loke it, but I quite do. If you  have no problem with the design, then you got yourself a nice pair of headphones to consider buying.

     If you're an active person like me, you might go to the gym or go jogging or for a bike ride. That's where they are perfect. They don't block out outside noise, and are not good at blocking your music from the outside world either. You might not like this, but I found it very useful when going for a bike ride. Riding the bike and not being able to hear what's going on around you can be pretty dangerous. 

     Anyway, before I bought them, I considered all the other options I had under $50. All the other headphones had great sound quality but they were all bulky and hard to take along with you on travels. The portability of the Porta Pros is what won me over. They fold into a ball and they come with a bag in which they actually fit when folded properly and a gold plated jack adaptor for all your fancy equipment.

     All in all, they are probably the perfect option when looking for something under $30 or $50. If you have more money to spend than that, I'd recommend researching a bit more. 

Hope this review helped.