Playing basketball in your driveway

Knowing the pros and cons of buying a portable basketball goal

Portable basketball goals are an ideal solution for those who want to play basketball in their driveways. Kids always  enjoy inviting their companions over to shoot hoops and perfect their game. Family time may even consist of friendly basketball competitions. Practical and inexpensive, portable basketball goals offer the convenience of being able to enjoy the game in any front yard or backyard. Youngsters will enjoy such activities and their parents will find that portable basketball hoops are highly convenient objects.

Before purchasing a portable basketball goal, one should consider the pros and cons of both a portable pole and one that is cemented into the ground on a permanent basis. It is also essential to become aware of certain issues that may come up when a portable goal is used. 

Many individuals assume that the best material in which to place a portable basketball goal is sand, because of its weight. Most people feel that the weight of the sand will give the goal adequate stability, but if the homeowner wants to store the goal or move it to another location, water is a better choice as it can be easily emptied when it is time to move the device. However, both sand or water will offer appropriate stability, and the one chosen will ultimately be a matter of personal taste.

In certain instances, permanent basketball goals do not provide the benefits the homeowner had in mind. For example, one may discover that he or she is not allowed to install such a device on his or her property. Certain town ordinances or homeowner associations may have restrictions concerning such things. If this is the case, a portable basketball hoop is the ideal solution. If the homeowner has young children, a portable goal is perfect. This way, parents can see whether or not the child's interest in basketball will be long-term before investing in a permanent hoop. In addition, some individuals do not like the idea of permanent changes being made to their property, and others simply prefer a goal that is portable. 

A common misconception concerning basketball goals is that to get a good quality hoop, one must spend a substantial amount of money. However, if a person does a little comparison shopping, he or she will discover that a vast array of models are available from which to choose, and some of them are very reasonably priced. Not all models offer the same features so it is wise to read several customer reviews before making a final decision.

While portable basketball goals are very versatile and have many great features, they are not suitable for dunking. Although they may work quite well for shooting hoops, due to the fact that they are stabilized through the use of the aforementioned sand or water, they can still tip or fall over if stress or excessive weight is placed on the goal. For this reason, dunking can be a very dangerous activity.

If someone should fall, the basketball goal could end up falling on top of him or her, which could lead to a serious injury as these devices weigh approximately 300 pounds. Those using the portable goal should refrain from dunking and save this skill for a permanent hoop. A portable basketball goal is an excellent object for a friendly game; however, it could be very dangerous for those who are tempted to show off.