Mosquito repellent systemCredit: amazon

The Mosquito Sentry is about the first effective automated system that repels mosquitoes with the use of 100% green and natural components that provides great protection from mosquitoes and other flying insects, including those that may carry the 'heart worm' and 'West Nile Virus'.


This equipment uses the technology of vapour dispersing into the atmosphere continuously, with an all natural green repellent made from plant oils that is safe around us and our pets. With the Mosquito Sentry in the garden, everyone can enjoy the outdoors without subjecting themselves to harsh unhealthy insecticides.


Most mosquitoes breed in the spring and summer, at time when rising temperatures and rainfall are ideal for their development. And because we spend hours outdoors, sitting in the garden, lounging on the patio or tending to plants, the female mosquitoes (the blood suckers) detect human and animal body heat and the carbon dioxide exhaled when breathing, making them targets to obtain their meal of blood needed to reproduce and lay her eggs. Most species of mosquitoes are active and bite mostly in the early evening.


How the Mosquito Repellent Works

This mosquito repellent system is easy to use and operate. Just simply pour the repellent oils into the Mosquito Sentry, and turn the system on. The system begins to work almost immediately by repelling insects and mosquitoes. However, for more effective results, it's good to turn on the system a few minutes before going outdoors. The natural repellent used in this system has been found to be more effective than Deet and Citronell a, the two popularly used repellents.


When the Mosquito Sentry is filled with repellent, the system should operate for about 30 days of average use. So when everyone is ready to go inside, just turn off the machine.


Mosquitoes as a Health Concern

West Nile Virus is transmitted by mosquitoes to humans, pets, birds and horses, and can cause inflammation of the brain (encephalitis) and in severe cases can lead to death. If it's too far gone, there is no definitive treatment for the West Nile virus.


So careful prevention, through suitable mosquito control measures is the key to keeping your family, pets & livestock free from the virus. The use of the Mosquito Sentry Repellent System will not guarantee the absence of mosquitoes, but it will repel all species of mosquitoes, reducing the probability of mosquito bites and by extension, mosquito borne illnesses.