I pity those who own carpets for numerous reasons. No, I am not dissing anyone who owns a carpet inside their home. In fact, I think that they are simply magnificent to walk on and can add a great deal to the overall look of a specific room. Nope, I pity those who own carpets for one reason and that is that they are hard to clean. If you have ever owned one then you know exactly how dirty and full of grime they can get. Especially if it is a white rug – I don't even want to go there. A white rug can get filthy just by looking at it. Anyone who understands this can comprehend the fact that the cleaning process for such a material is difficult. However, there is a new handy dandy piece of equipment available these days that can make some of these troubles dissipate into thin air. The handy product that I am referring to is called a portable carpet steam cleaner.

Now this medium sized piece of equipment has so many benefits on various levels. There are, however, many variations of this device. Some simply steam and others steam, brush, and vacuum. Obviously, each upgrade heightens the price tag as well. The whole idea behind this machines mechanism is the warm to hot vapor which is also known as steam. This vapor has the ability to loosen up dirt and grip. The heat from the steam can break up or disrupt some of the bonds that the grime is composed of. This disruption has the net effect of loosen the hold that some of the dirt has on a carpet. Once the connectivity of the filth has un-tightened, it is much easier for the machine to do its work. Many of the other portable steamers out there do not offer the three functions mentioned above. You see, each little step counts when attempting to make a rig as clean as possible.

The portable carpet steam cleaner was meant to work on spots and spills rather than total cleaning jobs. Because they are mobile and versatile, there cleaning surface area does not cover as much area as a larger, less mobile device. Therefore, the majority of these steamers are used mainly for spot clean ups. Out of all of the various models out there, I would have to say that the ones with three different functions work best. The reason why is simple. Rather than having three different tools to ultimately complete the same task, you would have one that did it all. The tasks that I am referring to are steaming the carpet, brushing or scrubbing it, and then vacuuming.